SNC-Meeting Minutes for 2006

Meeting Minutes January 13, 2006

In Attendance:

  • Vicki Cliff
  • Elizabeth Coffey-Curle
  • Jacki Dunt
  • Susan Dunt
  • Lesley Grove
  • Jaki Hardy
  • Cindy Hoonhout
  • Victoria Myer
  • Ciara Viola
  • Karla Viola

Call to Order - 6:34pm

Treasurer Report:
The Treasurers Report for 2005 was presented in the CDS required format. Motion to Accept Treasurer's Report: Beth Coffee-Curle, Second: Vicki Cliff, All in Favor

Old Business:

A TD has been secured for D.I.S. Her name is Shari Lamb and she is from Las Vegas so costs should be reasonable.

Accommodation for all show officials and the August on-site manager needs have been secured for 2006 at the Residence Inn.

The need for a second judge at the July show was discussed and it was determined that it would not increase the ability of the show to be profitable and we would not proceed this year but could look at the option again for 2007.

It was noted that the June Franktown Meadows show may be 2 rings.

Following the Jr. Project Day ribbon count on February 4th, Beth Coffey-Curle agreed to follow up with the re-order and shipment of the DIS ribbons for the 2006 show.

The possibility of adding Friesian breed-specific classes to our show was discussed. This would be for the purpose of earning Friesian breed points and awards from the Friesian breed society. Jaki Hardy and Victoria Myer will contact a CDS show manager currently hosting these breed-specific classes to determine if the class does need to be scored and awarded separately from the current open, amateur, or junior classes already being offered


CDS Annual Meeting Cindy Hoonhout will attend the meeting on behalf of SNC.

New Business:

A project to complete an inventory of the storage shed was organized for the Juniors for Feb 4th at Avalon Friesians. Cindy Hoonhout has agreed to coordinate this event.

A junior committee meeting was held prior to the January SNC meeting. The committee brought forward a proposal for the sponsored junior awards program. After a lengthy discussion, it was determined that the sponsored junior award program would be split into two (2) categories: 1) Junior rider as the sole competitor for his or her mount for the 2006 show season; and 2) Junior rider sharing his or her mount during the 2006 show season. These sponsored award categories will be awarded at training through fourth, and FEI levels.

Registration for the 2006 sponsored Junior Award program is required. Vicki Cliff is to provide the Award Sign Up sheet for publication on the website.

It was concluded that the sponsored award categories would be reviewed at the conclusion of the 2006 show season.

2005 SNC Awards
Joan Wright has agreed to calculate the 2005 Amateur awards.

The awards ceremony will be held at Tamarack Junction Casino, South Reno. It will include walking appetizers and be priced at $15/head. It will be held Friday March 10th, at 6:30 pm. Please RSVP your attendance to Lesley Grove at

There was a discussion of the calculations and award placings for the 2005 SNC Junior Award winners. 2005 results are to be reviewed by Beth.

2006 SNC Awards Program
Recommendations for some by-law amendments specific to the award program were presented for consideration. Beth will determine the process required to implement changes for 2006. Any changes to the current award program rules, will be voted on at the April SNC meeting, prior to the first SNC show of the new 2006 season.

Beth nominated our website for consideration in the 2005 CDS annual award.

The suggestion of the Pilates session was followed up and is organized as the next meeting February 9th 2006, to be held at Tamarack Junction Casino. 6:30 pm Board Meeting and 7 pm Pilates.

Scribe and Scoring Training Session
A scribe and scoring training session was organized and scheduled for April 15th 2006 at Avalon Friesians.

Contact is Jaki Hardy. Riders will be requested from all levels.

Other Education Ideas

  • Chiropractic/Acupuncture Lecture
  • Equine Massage / Herbs
  • Saddle Fitting

Next meeting: Feb 9th

Tamarack Junction Casino 6:30 pm

Agenda to include Pilates.

Meeting Adjourned 9 pm.

Meeting Minutes February 13, 2006

In Attendance:

  • Vicki Cliff
  • Elizabeth Coffey-Curle
  • Mary Ann Christensen
  • Roxanne Gazes
  • Rachel Gazes
  • Lesley Grove
  • Tish Hickstead
  • Cindy Hoonhout
  • Holly McGee
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Ciara Viola
  • Karla Viola

Call to Order - 6:35pm

Treasurer Report:
No report presented at this meeting.

Old Business:

Ribbon Inventory
5 Juniors were present to inventory the storage shed. The project took an hour and a half. All inventory is boxed and the boxes are marked as to their contents. Some jackets were located and will be used in the Silent Auction. Inventory counts will be emailed to Beth and she will place any necessary orders for 2006.

Awards Banquet
At this time there are only about 8 RSVP's for the banquet. Silent auction donations are needed.

Junior results are completed. Joan Wright is tabulating the information on the amateurs. Beth will order gift certificates from Sierra Feed so they can be used locally, saving on having to pay shipping costs.

Scribe Clinic
All rides are filled at all levels however it would be beneficial to get some freestyle rides scheduled. Nobody has RSVP to scribe. An Email is needed to remind scribes to sign up.

New Business:

April Show
The show premium will only be available online. It will not be mailed. This will save a considerable amount of money for printing and postage. There needs to be some corrections to the premium before it is posted online, specifically in relation to how classes are awarded. Cindy will draft some changes. Entries are to be sent to Connie Davenport.

Volunteers and an onsite manager are needed. Discussion of an administrative fee of $10 occurred. The fee would be refunded for people who volunteer at the show. A minimum 2 hour period for volunteering would be necessary


By Laws

The by-laws will be reviewed at the April meeting to ensure we are in compliance.

2006 SNC Awards Program
The awards program will be discussed at an additional meeting for that purpose.

August Show - D.I.S.
The question of the format of the August show was raised. Should it be similar to the other Franktown shows or should it be closer to the D.I.S. format as it is a 3 star show.

Chapter Baskets
Cindy will be taking the basket to the CDS meeting. It will be a different basket to the original one compiled as the format requested for the basket has been changed by CDS. The original basket will be part of the silent auction at the awards banquet.

All compliance issues for 2005 have been completed.

Meeting Adjourned 7:10 pm.

Board Meeting Minutes February 15th, 2006


  • Beth Coffey-Curle
  • Steve Ting
  • Michele Ting
  • Mary Anne Christensen
  • Cindy Hoonhout
  • Victoria Cliff.

Rule amendments related to Award rules for 2005 and 2006.

2005 Rules

The rules as posted on the web site will stand for the determination of the 2005 SNC awards. In addition, the following will be added:

Intro level rides are not eligible for awards or high point.

Awards are given for each level separately and Juniors are awarded separate from AA riders.

For the rule:
Participation in any and all Sierra Gold Championship Series show(s) is applicable towards the Awards Program, as long as the rider has either ridden or volunteered at a minimum of 2 SNC-CDS shows riders must have attended 2 SNC shows.

The rider must have attended at least 2 SNC shows and the “volunteer” portion shall be removed.

For clarification purposes, awards are based on a rider/horse combination. A rider may ride as many horses as they wish however, points will be earned and tallied for each pairing separately and each different pairing will be eligible.

A rider/horse pair can only win an award at one level regardless of the number of levels they are showing. A rider/horse pair that is winning at two levels will be awarded based on their placing. For example, a rider/horse pair who has third place at Second level and first place at First level, will get an award for First level only, because it is the higher placing.

2006 Rules

To be revised as outlined below:

  1. Only JR and Adult Amateur SNC-CDS members are eligible for the SNC Awards Program. Open riders are not eligible.
  2. Awards are given for each level separately and Juniors are awarded separate from Adult Amateur riders. Intro level rides are not eligible for awards or high point
  3. For scores to count towards Annual Awards, the rider must be an SNC-CDS member AT THE TIME SCORES ARE EARNED.
  4. The SNC Awards Program qualification period is January through December.
  5. Only scores earned at SNC sponsored dressage shows will qualify riders for the SNC Award Program.
  6. At Training through Fourth Level, the same horse/rider combination may not win two consecutive years at the same level.
  7. Training Level - Second Level:
    1. High Average of 4 scores at 2 SNC shows at a level from 2 different judges
    2. High Average over 58% to qualify
    3. Awards to 5th Place
  8. Third Level - Fourth Level:
    1. High Average of 4 scores at 2 SNC shows at a level from 2 different judges
    2. High Average over 55% to qualify
    3. Awards to 5th Place
  9. FEI:
    1. High Average of 3 scores at 2 SNC shows at a level from 2 different judges
    2. High Average over 55% to qualify
    3. Awards to 5th Place
  10. Freestyle: Two levels of awards
    1. 1st Level through Fourth Level and FEI at a level
    2. 2 scores, 2 judges
    3. Award to 5th Place
    4. The awards given for Freestyle are counted entirely separately from the regular SNC Awards. Scores earned in Freestyle rides will count towards the Freestyle Awards only.
  11. High Point is the single highest score for a rider/horse pair for JR and AA at an SNC show.

Other Business

It was discussed that we give people the option to donate their Annual Award to various efforts such as chapter education, junior membership, etc. however after some discussion, it was agreed that we did not want members that did not want to donate their award to feel guilty for it. It was proposed that the club establish a Junior Scholarship fund whereby people who wanted to give donations to such an effort could. This will be voted on and confirmed at the April meeting.

Show entry forms

Show entry forms and premiums need to be corrected with the following:

Connie should be listed as show manager and her address should be the “return entries to” address on the entry forms.

Beth will contact Connie for closing dates and to encourage her to send ride times to Steve and Michele so that we may post them on the web.

Cindy will contact Franktown to determine their day use fee for 2006.

An Administration fee will be included on entry forms with explanation on the prize list. The fee will be $7/horse/show. People who choose to volunteer at a show (for a minimum of 2 hours time) will be refunded this money. Mary Anne reported that the UNR Equestrian Team as well as a local 4H group were willing to work at all of our SNC shows. It was discussed and agreed that we would commit to paying them $200 a show from the administration fees collected. We also discussed that we would re-evaluate the system after the April show.

Class fees were reviewed and based on meeting minutes from September 2005. Some clarifications were made and will be posted in minutes as follows:

Class fees are increased for 2006 as follows:

For CDS only shows:

Intro class$25
Fourth level and below$35
FEI $45
For 3-Star shows:
Intro class $25
Fourth level and below$45
FEI $55

The increase in funds is necessary as the club has hired a show manager for all 3 SNC shows.

Board Meeting Minutes April 13th, 2006

Present: Cindy, Vicki, Holly, Beth, Susan, Lesley

Minutes of previous meeting accepted - Motion Cindy, Second Beth, All in Favor

Committee Reports - Education

Scribe clinic had to be postponed due to weather conditions. New date is May 7th. Other education and clinic ideas were discussed. Alison Sagewood would be patterning 20 people May 6th. Cost $25 head.

Treasurers Report

Bank account has $3300.

Awards banquet had Ticket Sales $817.50 and $1583 in proceeds from the auction. Food cost $825. Awards cost $1394.

Old Business

Thank you was given to Lesley and Cindy for their part in putting together the awards banquet.

New Business

April show organization was discussed. Everything is in place.

By-Law Review

CDS has reviewed their by laws. They are meant to be accepted by March 1st but nothing is yet published. Elections will be more formal. There will be a maximum of 7 directors. Their term will run Jan 1st to Dec 31st.

Dressage in the Sierra

Discussion of how to treat it differently as it is our 3 star show. More upscale ribbons. Prizes were discussed. A Saturday evening indoor performance was discussed. Perhaps an event at Bowers Mansion picnic area.

High point categories should be published in advance.

Scholarship Fund

Compliance issues need to be covered. Requirements for receipt of scholarship. A separate committee shall be formed to handle the process. Any volunteers should contact Beth.

Amateur clinic participant was selected.

  • 1st - Tish Hickstead
  • 2nd - Cindy Hoonhout

Next Meeting

Tuesday May 9th, 6:30 pm Cattlemans

Board Meeting Minutes May 9th, 2006

Present: Beth Coffee-Curle, Cindy Hoonhout, Holly McGee, Vicki Cliff, Mary Ann Christensen, Lesley Grove, Michele Ting

Motion to Approve Minutes from previous meeting: Beth, Second Michele, Minutes Approved

Old Business

A show has been added on May 20th.

First lot of entries have arrived. It will be a way to get some more local scores. It is at UNR. Judge is Nancy Thatcher from Seattle (R) EMT is hired and we have enough ribbons.

New Business


Discussion of Sponsors occurred and if it is possible to sponsor a one star show and if so how.

  • Who are the existing sponsors
  • Who should contact each one will be determined
  • Who will look for new sponsors
  • Judge and TD are organized.

    Prize options were discussed including: Saddle pads, decorative crystal or glass, other gift items, leather halters

    Beth will check Mikasa, Vicki will check saddle pads

    High point awards options - Coolers for Day, Overall, Junior, Whole Weekend This is pending sponsors secured

    For the DITS show next year we will look at making it 3 days and 2 separate shows.


    Washoe State Park was discussed as a possible future location for a one star show

    It is time to start organizing judges.

    We need judges for April and DIS. July - Louise Koch

    Suggestions included

    • Brett Hicks
    • Donna Richardson
    • Marlene Schneider
    • Axel ?
    • Pam Nelson
    • Donna Rodriguez
    • Leilo Fore
    • Hilda Gurney

    The options for a Saturday night event for DITS were discussed. Holly will check on options for Bowers Mansion. A wine tasting party was proposed.

    Methods of determining eligibility for the Amateur Clinic were discussed

    Next Meeting: June 13th, 6:30 pm - Cattlemans

    Meeting Minutes June 13, 2006

    Meeting was called to order at 6:45.

    In attendance: Beth Coffey-Curle, Cindy Hoonhout, Michele Ting, Trish Hickstead

    Department Reports:

    Treasurer: There is $5238.72 with about $350 still outstanding from the May show. Cindy will be connecting with the board to set up a time frame (3 days total) for the board to be check signers. CDS also suggests a member-at-large be on the card, someone with a long club association. Joan Wright was suggested as this person.

    Education: on vacation

    Juniors: The Juniors are creating a fundraiser using art work they have created for note pads. The Jrs will host a tack sale at DIS. Cindy and Vicki will accept all tack donations for this sale.

    Web-site: Steve Ting is retiring. We will need a new webmaster for 2007.

    Newsletter: No report

    Volunteer: MaryAnne will get all of the volunteers needed for the July and August Shows. This does not include a manager for the July show.

    Show Coordinator: We are still without a Show Coordinator for 2006. Beth has assumed the position of DIS Club Manager; Connie Davenport will be the show manager.

    Old Business:

    May Show: The May show will recognize about $300 in profit. A $50 donation will be made from show funds to the UNR Equestrian Team for their volunteer hours and help during the show. We still have not received the invoice for the gift certificates from Sierra Feed, about $300. …post meeting: Beth followed up with Sierra Feed on 6/15/06 and they will invoice SNC.

    Show Bucks or Admin Fee Refund: It was decided to offer show volunteers $25 show bucks for each time they volunteered for the April and May shows rather than $7 refund of the admin fee. Cindy will get the list of volunteers from MaryAnne and distribute the show bucks.

    New Business:

    Dressage in the Sierra:

    Coffee Vendor: A coffee vendor has agreed to be on-site at FTM for DIS both days Food Concession: We have decided to not have a food concession at FTM for the show but we will be providing continental breakfast and hor deuvers at the cocktail party Saturday afternoon.

    Photography: DB Photography will be on-site for DIS.

    Videographer: Julie Lamoree-Smith, HorseShow Videography will be on-site for DIS

    EMT: Paulette Schneider has been contracted for the show

    Ribbon Order: The old ribbons have been returned and the new ribbons are on order. Awards: Discussions continue including the suggestion of show whips as an award, horseshoe wine holders, & saddle pads

    Sound System Check: Beth will check with FTM on their sound system including the ability to have an announcer Sat afternoon during the FEI and Freestyle rides.

    Announcer/Freestyle Coordinator: We will need someone to be the music coordinator for the show. (Joan and Greg are out of town)

    Stabling: At FTM

    Program: Maria Partidge was the program creator last year and she will be asked again including offering to pay her for her time.

    Day Use Fee: We will charge $10 per horse per day and the club will subsidize the balance charged by FTM.

    Hospitality: We need to find someone willing to coordinate the pick up and delivery of the officials to and from the airport and to the show grounds each day.

    We need to find someone willing to coordinate the feeding of the show officials and volunteers each day.

    Seating: 15 straw bales will be purchased from Sierra Feed and set up stadium style with EZ Ups for our spectators.

    Cocktail Party: A tent 20x20 has been rented $400 for the weekend. The tent will be used to display awards and then as the host site of the cocktail party.

    Bartenders have already been contacted.

    Each competitor and show "friends" will be asked to bring a bottle of wine and/or beer with a pic of a horse on the label and we will host a wine-tasting during the upper level and freestyle rides Saturday afternoon.

    The club will supply hor duever platters.

    Post meeting….MaryAnne will price out DIS wine glasses for purchase. Wine glasses have been rented for the show but this may be a better option.

    Sponsorships: Steve will be posting the donation forms on the web-site. We reviewed the list from last year and distributed out who is willing to connect with past contributors. Post meeting: Sierra Feed and Wild Waters have agreed to contribute to the show again this year.

    List of last years DIS Sponsors

    Skagen - Beth will approach

    -Holiday Inn (Same as last Year) - this sponsorship was a trade for hotel rooms in the past when the show was a RLEC
    -Silver Legacy (same as last Year): Beth will ask Kerin Rowe. This was part of the Sierra Gold Challenge

    -Sierra Feed (new ad inside front cover) - Post meeting. Beth has connected with Ken.
    - Wild Waters - post meeting Beth has connected with Charmie
    -Equest Training Center (new ad) - Vicki
    -Trailer’s Plus (new ad) Beth will call Mark

    PRIX ST GEORGES (half page ad)
    -Comstock Large animal Hospital (ad copy with Vets names in order) Beth will connect with Comstock for a sponsorship and vet on call
    -Equitable Realty (new ad) - Cindy
    -Cabinet and Lighting Supply (new ad) Cindy
    -Franktown Meadows (same as last year) Beth will approach
    -The English Shoppe (new ad) Beth will approach

    -Jeff Lovig Horseshoeing(2nd level) Beth will approach
    -Associated Appraisers(3rd level) Cindy
    -The Christensen’s (print message to son)(2nd level) MaryAnne
    -The Ward Family(FEI) Beth will approach
    -Larry & Mary Jent (Training and 1st level) Beth will approach

    -Jennifer Smith (business card) Beth will approach
    -Allison, Mackenzie, Russell, Pavlakis, Wright & Fagan (bus. Card) Beth will approach
    -Dave Kaiser Horseshoeing 721-4410(make business card) Vicki?
    -Lori Chitwood Vicki?
    -Seana Adamson(make business card) Michele?

    Web-Site: We decided to charge agencies to use the SNC web-site for postings that are not SNC events in the future. We will come up with a fee schedule.

    Adult Amateur Clinic: Trish Hickstead was our club attendee for the CDS AA Clinic - north. She had a wonderful experience and would encourage everyone to participate even as an auditor in the future. Barbara Boatman was the Reno Chapter rider.

    July Show:

    Trish Hickstead agreed to be the manager and would get back to Beth if she were unable to manage both days.

    Trish and Cindy agreed that Equest would be able to assume the responsibilities of pick up and returning the judge's stand, and the judge to and from the airport.

    Cindy will bring the judge to the show on Saturday morning.

    Beth will review the show box from Connie and have it ready for Trish at the show on Friday.

    CDS Jr Show Solicitations:

    CDS is asking each club to send $100 for the Jr show. Cindy will send them a check.

    Scholarship Committee:

    Half of the Scholarship committee met to start creating the criteria for this program to exist. It appears to have a lot of strings attached per CDS Main office. One thing we did agree to was that the program is open to all members, Open, Adult Amateurs, and Junior riders.

    We will use the CDS Scholarship guidelines were it's a fit.

    We have $219 in the fund to date.

    Tabled for July Meeting: Amateur Clinic Qualifications

    Meeting came to a close at 8:30 pm.

    Next Meeting:

    Tuesday, July 11 at 6:30 at Cattleman's Restaurant


    • Department Reports
    • Old Business: July Show
    • New Business
    • Amateur Clinic Qualifications
    • Dressage in the Sierra
    • Scholarship Committee Report

    Meeting Minutes July 11th, 2006

    Present: Beth, Lesley, Mary Ann, Vicki, Cindy, Michelle

    Brought to Order: 6:40 pm

    Minutes of Previous Meeting: Move to Accept - Cindy, Second - Lesley. Minutes Accepted.

    Treasurers Report:
    Proceeds for the July Show have not yet been banked. We need to complete that before additional expenditures for D.I.S. are incurred.

    Reminder, show bucks can not be used for D.I.S. It was recommended that we remove the expiration date from the show bucks. UNR will be utilized in volunteer positions for D.I.S.

    Dressage in the Sierra

    • Connie will be onsite.
    • There will be no Intro classes.
    • Scribes are in place.
    • The premium will be posted to the website 7/12/06.
    • The standard premium can not be edited to contain our fees so they will all be listed very clearly in the premium instructions.
    • DB Photography will do still photos.
    • Horsepower will do video.
    • There will be a 20x20 hospitality tent. The awards will be posted in the tent.
    • Coffee Vendor - Lates on the Go.
    • EMT is Paulette Schnieder
    • Ribbons are ordered
    • Awards are all in place including
      • Skaagen Watches
      • Planters with Plants
      • Horse related gift items
      • Whips
    • Vet is Comstock
    • Farrier is Wayne Hunter (on Call)

    We will look into using our PA system and having an announcer at the event. The show will have an 11am start due to the judge's availability.

    A volunteer to co-ordinate all of the hospitality is needed. This includes

    • Judge, TD airport pick up and delivery
    • Judge Lunch
    • Competitor Muffins
    • Water soda

    Reception - there will be logo's wine glasses. They will be sold for $5 for use in the wine tasting. Bartenders are set.

    It was suggested that we should develop and post our mission and vision statement. Tables as a winter agenda item.

    There will be an education event in the fall. Possibly a bio-mechanics clinic or a saddle fitting. A brief education on braiding techniques was requested.

    The juniors are requested to prepare a piece of horse related original artwork for submission to Vicki Cliff or Cindy Hoonhout. This are work will be made into note cards and sold for fund raising for the Juniors. Tack Sale will be held at DIS. Donation items need to be solicited and there will be email notification of a junior meeting to firm up the details.

    Some conversation regarding next years judges occurred. We will try to secure Connie for 3 days for DIS and turn the event into 2 recognized shows with 2 judges.

    Discussion occurred regarding the May UNR show.

    Old Business:
    July Show was successful.
    Ground preparation could be handled better at Cloverleaf to avoid mud puddles. The judge was well received and we would like to try and have her judge again and possibly do a clinic to get the most out of her trip.

    Next Meeting:

    • Tuesday, August 1st
    • Washoe Flats Steak House
    • 6pm

    Board Meeting Minutes September 19th, 2006

    Attendance: Beth Coffee-Curle, Mary Anne Christenson, Cindy Hoonhout, Michele Ting

    Meeting called to order at 6:40pm.

    First order of business: Lesley Grove resigned as Director of Newsletter. Michele will do newsletter and minutes for September/October and through the end of the year.

    Old Business:

    Dressage in the Sierra:

    Connie sent Beth a list of possible refunds that needs to be addressed. Cindy will review these and reimburse where applicable.

    DITS balance sheets were reviewed. It was noted that many changes could be made for DITS 2007 that would bring down the expenses associated with the show. These include:

    Using the Hampton Inn next year which is less expensive than the hotel used this year.

    Ribbons for DITS will be changed to NOT include a year on them. This way extra ribbons may be saved for the following year.

    Creeky Rouston is confirmed as a judge for DITS 2007 and she will be driving up which will eliminate airline expenses.

    MAC will call Pam Nelson and ask her availability as a second judge for DITS.

    There has also been some sponsorship commitments for 2007 that will help with prize expenses.

    2007 DITS will be 2 separate *** shows, One Friday and one Saturday and Sunday. Postcards will be sent out next year to increase exposure for the show. The show will be held at Franktown Meadows.

    JR Tack Sale:

    There was quite a bit of tack leftover from the JR tack sale at DITS. It was mentioned that there could be another tack sale at the Pumpkin Roll show if that would be agreeable w/ the Reno Chapter. MAC will call Phyllis and discuss w/ her.

    New Business:

    Vicki Cliff will be holding 2 CDS shows at ETC next year. Both shows will be one-star shows and probably a “R” judge. The shows will be held May 20th and July 22nd. These will not be SNC shows or Reno Chapter shows.

    MAC asked if we could add a link to the SNC website for the UNR Equestrian Center Newsletter to help increase exposure for them as well as fundraising for their activities. This was agreed upon. MAC will get the link to Steve and Michele.

    A/A clinic criteria came up and needs to be reviewed again for the 2007 season. This discussion will be continued at a later meeting.

    The education fund also needs to be re-addressed and this will be discussed at a later meeting.

    The 2006 Awards dinner was brought up. Several location and date options were discussed and Beth stated that she would follow up on these. Silver Legacy was discussed as a possible location and March as a possible date.

    The Christmas party was also discussed and Beth will consider having the party at her barn. December 10th was agreed upon and the time from 3pm to 6pm. This is not confirmed at this point and will be discussed in further detail at the next meeting.

    Meeting Minutes: Meeting October 10th, 2006.

    Attendance: Beth Coffee-Curle, Victoria Cliff, Cindy Hoonhout, and Michele Ting

    Meeting called to order at 6:40pm.

    Beth reported that we would be required to pay the $100 to USDF to cover the insurance penalty. USDF was charged with this fee and therefore we must pay even though USEF got a copy of the insurance, USDF did not. Cindy stated she would send the check.

    2007 Shows:

    Beth reported that CDS has all of our show dates for 2007 and the insurance company has the dates as well.

    Creeky Rouston is confirmed for Dressage in the Sierra next year for the Saturday and Sunday portion of the show and Pam Nelson has been asked to judge the Friday and Saturday portion but has not yet confirmed. Shari Lamb has agreed to TD the show again in 2007.

    We have a scheduling glitch for the show because USEF’s rotation schedule wants us to have the show in September, which the Board agreed was not acceptable. Beth stated that many of the chapters were having the same problem with the rotation schedule and that she would be working w/ USEF to solve the problem as it affects SNC.

    The 2006 Awards banquet will be held in 2007 and the Violas have expressed an interest in providing coolers again for JR’s awards. Monogramming will be done as well.

    The 2006 Holiday Party has been confirmed for December 10th from 3pm to 6pm at Southern Cross Stables. This will be a potluck party and Jeff Lovig has agreed to do hay rides with his team. The party has insurance coverage as well.

    The party will be BYOB with the chapter to provide non-alcoholic beverages.

    Potluck Breakdown:

    • A-G Hot Appetizers
    • H-P Cold Appetizers
    • Q-Z Dessert

    Beth provided Michele with a copy of the Championship show results for posting in the next newsletter.

    Cindy agreed to send out thank you cards for our Dressage in the Sierra sponsors.

    Vicki confirmed that she would be having 2 CDS shows at Equest Training Center next year. Show dates are May 20th and July 22nd.

    Meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm

    Meeting Minutes November 14, 2006

    Attendance: Beth Coffee-Curle, Victoria Cliff, Cindy Hoonhout, Mary Anne Christensen and Michele Ting

    Meeting called to order at 6:30pm.

    First order of business: Cindy is setting up new accounts with new signatures. Signatures will include all board members except M. Ting who declined. The new accounts will be set up with Bank of America.

    The "scholarship" fund must be revisited. It cannot be named this. The new title will be the Education Fund. Beth will look into this more. The funds will be available to all local and active members.

    Holiday party and awards dinner: The party is ready. Awards are here. Cindy and Mary Anne are working on putting together the silent auction. USDF and All Breeds awards will be announced and there are many SNC members receiving them. CDS plaques are not available yet but scores are.

    Cindy will pickup napkins and plates etc. at Costco.

    Mary Anne will set up photography.

    Election Ballots have gone out in the mail.

    It was agreed that the awards rules would again be announced to the club via email in attempt to make members aware of qualifying criteria for SNC awards.

    Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.

    Do you have news of interest to the group? Please send an e-mail to and we will post it on the site.

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