Awards Program
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  1. All SNC-CDS members are eligible for the Award Program.
  2. Awards will be given at each level Training - Grand Prix. Awards given for Open, Adult Amateur and Junior/Young Rider categories.
  3. For scores to count, rider must be an SNC-CDS chapter member AT THE TIME SCORES ARE EARNED.
  4. The qualifying period is the calendar year, January 1st - December 31st.
  5. Only scores earned at SNC approved shows will count: SNC Spring Show in April, Franktown Meadows Show in June, Dressage in the Sierrra in July, and Stacey Berry Memorial Show in October.
  6. You must compete in at least 2 of the above shows, at the same level, to qualify for year end awards.
  7. Places will be determined by the number of points earned during the year.
  8. Ribbons will be given through 6th place and Awards through 3rd place.
  9. Points will be awarded for every class completed as follows:
Score: Points:
58% 1
58 - <60% 2
60 - <62% 3
62 - <64% 4
64 - <66% 5
66 - <68% 6
68 - <70% 7
70 - <72% 8
greater than 72% 9

Ties will not be broken.

Congratulations to all the SNC CDS Award winners for 2018!

High Point Award

Junior ~ Emily Shields and Borencio DG 73.649%

Adult Amateur ~ Jessica Paul and Zev 72.963%

Open ~ Jocelyn Tackitt and Demetrius DG 75.833%

Training Level


Champion ~ Allison Belosic on True Texas Colors

Reserve Champion ~ Ruby Stewart McDonald on Georgia Rain

Adult Amateur

Champion ~ Jane Ward on Vicenzo

Reserve Champion ~ Christopher Ward on Little Smart Willie


Champion ~ Julia Mineikis on WS Afortunado

First Level

Adult Amateur

Champion ~ Kelsey Sabo on Jack Peppy Chassis

Reserve Champion ~ Lonnie Maurice on Pizzazz K

Third Place ~ Lauren Spear on Katena

Fourth Place ~ Laurie Gunby on Glitter

Fifth Place ~ Holly Hagen on Bugatti


Champion ~ Jocelyn Tackitt on Waps Fiona

Reserve Champion ~ Lindsey Sanford on Snowday

Third Place ~ Seana Adamson on Ucaro AA

Second Level


Champion ~ Alyssa Buenting on Del Mar

Adult Amateur

Champion ~ Susan Traynor on Ty Traynor


Champion ~ Jocelyn Tackitt on Sternentaenzerin

Reserve Champion ~ Cassandra Peat on TTs Marley Gras

Third Level


Champion ~ Alyssa Buenting on Del Mar

Reserve Champion ~ Emily Shields on Borencio DG


Champion ~ Julia Mineikis on Frangipani

Reserve Champion ~ Julia Mineikis on Temparshillo XXIII

Fourth Level


Champion ~ Julia Mineikis on Frangipani

Reserve Champion ~ Julia Mineikis on Ferrari M

Third Place ~ Jocelyn Tackitt on May Hanks Pintado

Fourth Place ~ Julia Mineikis on Temparshillo XXIII

Prix St George

Adult Amateur

Champion ~ Hilari Fleming on Fabulous DSF


Champion ~ Julia Mineikis on Ferrari M

Reserve Champion ~ Catherine Grant on Carpe-Diem

Grand Prix

Adult Amateur

Champion ~ Joan Wright on Tristan


Champion ~ Stacee Collier on Dacquiri

Trainer Award

Liz Reader 163 points

Jocelyn Tackitt 58 points

Erin Serafini 58 points

Emilee Anderson 57 points

Sean Adamson 57 points

Stacee Collier 57 points

Morgane Gabriel 49 points

Sarah Silva 27 points

Lindsey Sanford 20 points

Julia Mineikis 20 points

Kathi Haworth 16 points

Rachel Allgood 14 points

Judit Somogyi 13 points

Congratulations to everyone!