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Fall 2011

President's Salute!

The show season is nearly done for those of us in Northern Nevada so we are finally getting out a newsletter. Lesley will report on Championships (both Junior and the Open/AA). We have hosted 2 *** shows with a * still to come. Our schedule for next year is still somewhat up in the air, we plan to do the same number of shows, but we may move the * to another time. We have discussed doing it earlier, to allow scores to count for the current year championships and we welcome input. The RAAC in the north next year will be held in conjunction with the Warm-up Cool-down at Starr-Vaughn, so it will be much closer for our members.

On another note, we wish to give a huge thanks to Kristin Roberson and her parents both for their donation of our High Point prizes for DITS as well as all their help and support in running our shows!!

Please remember, we cannot run our shows without volunteers and we need for our members to step up and help when you aren't showing. We see the same faces every year giving their time, lets see some new faces next year!

Madora will provide a treasurers report with some detail to give everyone an idea how expensive it is to run our shows, this currently is our only income source. Any ideas for other money making events would be appreciated.

We hope to provide more educational events for next year, we try to do these as inexpensively as possible for our members, often costing the club. We plan a talk by Dr. Miller about how to keep our dressage partners sound. We are also planning a freestyle clinic for late spring. What else would you like to have available?

Finally, since the Christmas season is so busy we have decided to hold an awards party later in winter, hopefully after the CDS plates have arrived. It will give us all a chance to visit and plan for the next season as well as recognize all our members for their accomplishments! We will finalize dates at our next meeting.

Have a wonderful fall!

Hilari Fleming

Year End Results...

A huge congratulations to everyone on a very successful and fun show season for 2011. The chapter was very well represented at Junior Championships and at Championships by our members.

June Pilates Class Recap by Holly McGee

On one of the few half-way decent weather days in early June, about 15 riders gathered in Hilari’s arena to learn about Pilates for humans and horses. This free event was taught by local talent, Denise Montagne.

Denise is a physical therapist with 25 yrs. experience in the field, emphasizing care of the spine. In treatment she utilizes her Osteopathic manual therapy methods and core strengthening exercises such as Pilates to achieve pain relief, improve strength, balance and motor skills. Her interest in horses led her to coursework in therapy for animals and in 2009 she achieved certification as an animal physical therapist specializing in the care of our equine friends.

Part of her training as an animal PT included studies with Dr.Hilary Clayton of the McPhail Center for Dressage and Narelle Stubbs PT PhD. They have since co-authored a book titled “Pilates for Horses”.

Denise has been a certified Pilates instructor since 1998 and enjoys teaching anyone willing to treat their body better through awareness, education and movement. In addition to many basic Pilates movements, we learned a number of flexibility stretches designed to assist the rider and horse to achieve a more supple, connected body. Once the humans completed their ~1 hr. of movements, it was time for our Equine participants to join in the fun. All 3 of our geldings did a fabulous job, and report that the carrot stretches were their favorite part!

Pictures of the event: Bobo1 Bobo2 Bobo3

Ulcer Article By Susan Ward

Ulcer Treatment and Prevention Protocol used for Luminare.

Many of you know that my horse Luminare, aka Wahoo, has had trouble adjusting to the stresses of training and showing. He is very sensitive to the slightest aid while riding, and as it turns out, is just as sensitive on the inside.

I arrived at a diagnosis of ulcers by seeing a dramatic response to empirical treatment with Omeprazole, following consultation with my vet. This horse did not exhibit any typical signs of "ulcer horse" and lives in a low stress environment with pasture turnout . Those of you who have seen him in training and show work recently have seen the results following appropriate treatment.

I have read extensively on the subjects of stomach and hindgut ulcers. A good synopsis of information for the lay person is available on Cynthia Collins' website Following review of numerous articles in the veterinary literature and those written by non vet caring horse owners, I formulated a plan that seems to have worked well for Luminare.

If you are questioning whether your horse may be affected by ulcers, a cheap diagnostic trial can be performed using Mylanta or Tums 3-5 times per day for one week. Doses are outlined on Cynthia Collins' website. This is very time consuming and not at all practical for the horse owner who boards at a commercial stable. The more direct, much more expensive but less time consuming test, is initiation of Omeprazole administration at treatment level dose. I noticed a difference in my horse after 24 hours.

My treatment protocol for ulcers was based on the assumption that most of the horses who have gastric ulcers also have hindgut-right colon ulcers. The Omeprazole ulcer treatment level dose is meant to be given for 1 month total so 1 tube per day for 2 weeks, then 1/2 tube per day for the next 2 weeks. I have also had good results substituting the enteric coated granules for the expensive paste, but did not use the granules for the first month of treatment level meds.

Per tube of Omeprazole (Ulcerguard) - the cheapest price that I have found is $ 29.97 per tube. The enteric coated granules (www.equine.omeprazole for 2 weeks supply are approximately $ 6 for entire tube Ulcerguard equivalent dose.

In addition to the Omeprazole, Luminare was treated for hindgut ulcers with Sucralfate with five 1-gram tablets 2 times per day for 5 days during the time of the Omeprazole administration. Sucralfate is available from your vet, with prescription filled by Dover.

Luminare is given a pre-ride snack of a few handfuls alfalfa pellets mixed with 6-8 Tums as well as Tums for treats while riding. Generic Tums equivalent at Target and Walmart work well. I get some with Simethicone added and some without.

I changed Luminare's feed from processed grain to alfalfa pellets and oat flour 2 times per day which provides delivery for other supplements. A good source for oat flour (50lb. bag) is I also eliminated feed through wormer and added in some alfalfa hay which provides a higher calcium content.

My maintenance ulcer prevention protocol for daily, at home low stress environment, is to feed alfalfa pellets with oat flour 2 times per day with supplements of ten 500 mg l-glutamine tablets and one scoop Probios (lactobacillus). Along with this, grass hay with some alfalfa.

Pre-ride snack alfalfa pellets and Tums. Treats while riding Tums and a few sugar cubes.

My ulcer prevention program for situations that could promote any stress (trailering anywhere, clinics-even if in my own arena, shows local or out of area) include a combination of acid reducing agents- proton pump inhibitor (Omeprazole), H2 blocker (Ranitidine), and acid absorption and stomach mucosal coating agents-Tums, alfalfa pellets. I want as many proton pumps as possible to be blocked by the time of the event, so I start 4 days prior with Omeprazole enteric coated granules 3 packets, change to full tube of Omeprazole (Ulcerguard paste) day before event/travel and continue 1 tube per day each day until completion of event. In addition, during event, I give H2 blocker - either ten 300 mg tabs Ranitidine or twenty 150 mg tabs Ranitidine ground in food 2 times per day. The 150 mg tabs available in human ulcer med section at Target and Walmart. The 300 mg tabs are by prescription only. I pre pack my pre-ride snacks of alfalfa pellets mixed with times in baggies so that they are easy to remember when I am away from home. The basic food and supplements described in above paragraph does not change. I have seen recommendations to stagger administration of Omeprazole, H2 blocker, Sucralfate by 2 hours as not to interfere with mechanism of each.

If you are currently feeding Succeed, Smartgut,etc. look at full list of ingredients for supplement. You may be able to match active ingredients and doses by finding cheap meds at Target, Walmart, Costco, and by buying oat flour in bulk for far less than you are currently spending. Hope this information is helpful.

Happy Fall Everyone! We're already looking forward to the 2012 show season!!