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May - June 2007


As I sit here, trying to figure out what to write about for the month of June a thought has occurred to me. The start of show season should also mark the start of "thank a volunteer" season. And we have an awful lot of volunteers to be thankful for.

It takes a lot of man power to make our chapter work. Too often, with all the stress of competing, we forget that our organization is run and managed by volunteers. Most of us, if not all, have full time jobs, family and outside responsibilities. Those of us that volunteer, do so because we love our sport and want to see the chapter succeed and grow.

Next time you bump into one of our many volunteers, please thank them. Most of these people are the same people that have helped out tirelessly year after year and our chapter would not function without them.

I would like to start now by thanking the following people on behalf of the Board and the membership for their efforts at the April show. The show was very well attended and went on without a hitch, thanks to a wonderful crew.

  • Joan Wright
  • Victoria Myer
  • Mary Anne and Lou Christensen
  • Cindy Hoonhout
  • Beth Curle
  • Faith Fessenden
  • Libby Lovig

For their help with the Junior Tack Sale, thank you to Cindy Hoonhout, Holly McGee, Danielle and Stacey Ballard and all the members who kindly donated items. Together with your help and donations, they raised almost $100! A great start.

The UNR volunteer program we've set up has been a wonderful asset to the club and we'd like to thank them as well.

As a side note, we'd also like to say a special thank you to Victoria Myer for all her efforts to put together the Shelley Edwards clinic which unfortunately had to be cancelled.

July SNC Show

The July show premiums and entry forms will be coming to the web site soon. We still need an onsite show manager for both days of the show. If you are interested in helping out on one or both of the days, please contact any of the SNC Board members asap. We really need your help!

Also, please be aware that there are two NON SNC shows coming up soon. For show information (including entries, times and results) please use their respective contacts. The next SNC show will be July 7th and 8th.

  • May 19th at Equest Training Center. Contact: Victoria Cliff at 849-0105.
  • Franktown Meadows Dressage Classic June 16th & 17th. Contact: Lynn Garnett 849-1600.
One final note...

To clear up any confusion…It is the responsibility of all competitors to include copies of the membership cards, (USDF, USEF, CDS, USDF Horse and USEF Horse numbers) including CDS life members, as all of the CDS membership numbers have been changed to new numbers. Please, please please when you send in your entry form be sure to complete the form, including signatures, send payment AND copies of your cards. Also, be sure to read the "fees" section of the entry form carefully as the "Day use fee" can vary depending on the show and its location.


Otto Schumacher Rolled Double Bridle (Weymouth), Black, New, standard padded caveson, all leather reins. Size 2, medium (fits average warmblood head).

$400 OBO (Price New $690.) Call Ann 775-771-2565

If anyone has any interesting stories or information for inclusion in the newsletter please submit it to Write to me with some of your personal stories that you would like to share.

Director of Newsletters,
Michele Ting