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October 2005

October 2005
  • October: No Chapter Meeting this month.
  • October 8th & 9th. Christiane Noelting Clinic at Franktown Meadows. Contact: Joan Wright (775) 882-9070.
  • October 12th-16th. CDS Championships at Rancho Murieta. Contact Glenda McElroy 818-841-3554.
  • October 30th. Reno Chapter CDS 22nd Annual Pumpkin Roll Dressage Show. Location Clover Leaf Equestrian Center. Judge: Melonie Kessler (r). Contact Phyllis Schmidt 775-882-6007.


It's official, autumn is here and the leaves are starting to turn. The 2005 SNC show season has come to a close and we are already hard at work on the 2006 calendar. Susan Ward and Mary Anne Christensen have done a tremendous amount of work making preparations for the 2006 shows including lining up top notch judges and securing show locations. The early start allows the chapter to choose among many high quality judges. THANK YOU SUSAN AND MARY ANNE for all your hard work!

In case you missed it, these are our tentative show dates for 2006

There will be no meeting in October. The November meeting has been scheduled for November 14th at 6:30pm. This meeting will be held at the Tamarack Junction and will include elections for the new Board of Directors. Please attend if you can. We will be providing more details and directions as we get closer to the meeting date. Hope to see you there!

2006 Board of Directors Nominees

We have also been hard at work "recruiting" for the 2006 Board of Directors positions. The nominees we have thus far are listed below. If you are interested in filling an open position, please let us know right away!

Chairperson Beth Coffee-Curle
Treasurer OPEN
Director of Education Victoria Cliff/Cindy Hoonhout
Director of Junior Membership Victoria Cliff/Mary Anne Christensen
Director of Shows OPEN
Director of volunteers Mary Anne Christensen
Director of Communication (newsletters) Lesley Grove
Web Site Management Steve and Michele Ting

Cindy Hoonhout was the 2005 Treasurer and did a great job keeping records. Anyone taking over in this position should have an easy time picking up where she left off. The Director of Shows position is also open. The bulk of the work involved with this position has already been done for 2006. We have secured Connie Davenport to manage shows (both on and off-site) for 2006 which alleviates much of the burden associated with show management.

In addition, all of the outgoing board members have agreed to mentor or assist the incoming board members filling their positions.

Diane Kernodle

The Diane Kernodle Freestyle Clinic October 1st and 2nd at Franktown Meadows is full. The schedule is posted below. Auditing is Free and encouraged. Diane wrote Jen earlier this month and here is what she had to say.

Maybe now might be a good time to mention to chapter members that October is not too early or to late to start on the freestyle for next year.

Also, soundness issues not withstanding, I believe every freestyle I have designed this year where clients are actively showing will be at the finals. I have at least three first level, two second, one third (I only did one third this year) two fourth level, a young rider Prix St George and two I1s. I had a third I1 but that ended up a soundness issue for this year anyway. I am also in the process of "fixing" several that were designed by others but the riders want to improve their marks that will also be at the finals.

Other than the above and an I1 rider who is ranked fifth in the country right now, the highlight for me this year was a 76.4% on a fourth level freestyle that received three 8.5s (one on music) and two 8s on artistic impression at Pebble Beach from Linda Zang. Very high marks and that was with one very low mark on the technical side. The only other freestyle score higher was Kingston with a 78%. We almost had her!!

With a resume like that, everyone will benefit!!! Don't miss it!

Ride Schedule

From Lou Christensen - 2005 Director of Shows

With last weekend's show, the SNC 2005 show series comes to an end. From management's perspective the last show was successful and a lot of fun. The usual suspects came through to make the show possible. Club Officers Cindy Hoonhout, Susan Ward, Michele Ting, and Mary Anne Christensen gave yeoman's effort toward the show as scribes, scorers, and tear down. Young rider member Adrienne Bonie contributed greatly as paddock steward. Troy Christensen also contributed with the judges stand and arena set up (I still take responsibility for that Erica).

I was most pleased with the riders who participated. We had a number of juniors riding USDF classes as well as training and first level. A special thanks goes to our Winnemucca contingent. These riders have ridden a significant number of tests in our shows this year. Sarah King and Aimee Edwards are open riders who are working hard on dressage in northern Nevada. Hopefully next year we will see them and their students continue their participation and support.

I will not be continuing next year as Director of Shows. The club would like someone to volunteer to serve in this capacity. To be honest it is pretty easy as there is a great deal of support from the club officers and members in carrying out the duties. In fact much of the work for next year's show season is already in progress or has been done. I would recommend this position to a person who likes to be involved with the organization and details of a dressage show. If you have questions or are interested you can contact me at Thanks for a wonderful year. I look forward to seeing you at the warm up arena next year.

Letter from Connie Davenport re: Dressage in the Sierra (re-typed)

Golden State Dressage, Inc.

August 23, 2005

Sierra Nevada Chapter/CDS
P.O. Box
Carson City, NV

Dear Sierra Nevada Chapter Members:

It was a pleasure to be part of your wonderful show; it is truly a lovely event for your Chapter.

It now seems certain that having the show on the same weekend as the CDS Northern Junior/Young Rider Championships is not acceptable. The best thing that came out of this conflict was the opportunity to use the one arena format and that is such an elegant presentation. Of course, it also means that the income is down, and that is a subject that must be addressed.

The class awards were again a highlight for the competitors and it was entertaining to listen to them agonize over which version of the lovely Skagen watches they should choose. Many commented to me that the party was exceptionally nice this year and I must agree, based on the plate of food that was delivered to me.

All of your workers were splendid, but I must comment especially on Erica and Margo Ward, my office assistants. They volunteered all weekend and kept me giggling. I wish other Chapters were able to convince their Juniors to participate in such a manner because the Juniors are truly the future of our sport, on every level. Additionally, Wendy's cheerful way of dealing with all of those odd little problems makes all the difference. Sierra Nevada Chapter is very fortunate to have such outstanding members.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your show.


Connie Davenport

Junior Membership

We know that we've already sent out congratulations to the Junior members for their achievements at the Junior Championships but with this newsletter we wanted to say one final HOORAY in their honor! Super Job Everyone!!!!

Yahoo Groups and trouble joining

It has come to our attention that some members are having trouble signing up with Yahoo. If you or someone you know is having trouble, please have them contact us by email and we should be able to resolve the problem right away.

Pumpkin Roll

The official Pumpkin Roll entry forms and prize lists are in the works and should be out very soon. We will be sending out an email with all the details. Please be aware that this is a Reno Chapter show so SNC Show Bucks cannot be used towards this event.

Championship Show Times

The ride times for the Championship show have been posted to the CDS site. There are numerous riders from our chapter that will be heading to Rancho Murieta for this event. Scanning the list (and I have to apologize now for anyone I miss - SORRY!) the following riders from our area will be riding and representing SNC:

Good Luck Everyone!!

Christmas party

Lesley Grove has been hard at work with planning for the SNC Christmas party. We will keep you posted with the details but we are currently planning to have the party on Thursday December 1st at the Tamarack Junction. Lesley has been working on the menu and its coming together beautifully! Please mark your calendars. More details coming soon.


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