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November 2005

November 2005
  • November 13 and 14. Christiane Noelting Clinic at Franktown Meadows. Contact: Joan Wright (775) 882-9070.


I apologize for the lack of fluff here but this newsletter is pretty long so I figured I would get right to business!

The 2006 Board of Director elections will take place at the next meeting. We have nominees for most every position but are still looking for someone for Director of Shows and Treasurer. Please consider volunteering! Please join us at the Tamarack Junction November 14th at 6:30pm. All SNC members are welcome!

Many of the 2005 board members will either be taking new positions on the Board or taking a respite for 2006. It may be a little early for this but, for myself, I would like to say Thank You to the 2005 Board of Directors for all their hard work this past year.

Susan Ward remained the Chapter Chair from 2004 to 2005 and kept us all grounded and guided as we proceeded forward. She graciously provided her home for chapter meetings and has been a sounding board for all of us with the various issues and obstacles we faced.

Cindy Hoonhout has not only acted as Chapter Treasurer but has really been a jack of all trades. She represented the chapter at the Annual Meeting and brought back many ideas that we were able to build upon. She researched and purchased awards for 2005, managed the July 2-day show and has volunteered at virtually every event we've had this past year.

Jennifer Smith came on in 2005 as Director of Education and started the Chapter Sponsored Clinic Series which she put together and organized herself. She brought in 2 fantastic clinicians to our area and both clinics received rave reviews from participants and auditors.

Lou and Mary Anne Christensen put in countless hours as show managers and volunteers for not only the SNC shows but for the Reno Chapter as well. Together they organized and managed the April 2-day show, the May RCCDS show, and the September show. In addition, they volunteered help at the July show. Mary Anne was also Director of Junior Membership in 2005 and led several very successful fund raising drives that allowed the juniors to participate in a fully sponsored summer clinic with Donna Richardson.

Wendy Hayes was the local manager for Dressage in the Sierra for the second year in a row and did a wonderful job taking care of all the details of the Chapter's big show.

Carolyn Graebener arranged catering and hosted the Annual Awards Dinner at her beautiful home this year.

Pumpkin Roll

The final show of the year is upon us. The RC-CDS Pumpkin Roll is this weekend and ride times have been posted. Good luck to everyone entered!

Holiday Party Invitation

Please Mark Your Calendars for the …

SNC-CDS Annual Holiday Party!!!!

Please join us for a wonderful holiday dinner party to be held at the Tamarack Junction on December 1st at 6pm. We have been hard at work making arrangements for all SNC members, family and friends to celebrate the holidays together and in style!

The Tamarack Junction will be providing a buffet style dinner and the menu looks fabulous! In addition to the dinner buffet there will also be 3 dessert selections and a no-host bar.

Dinner Buffet:
Roast Pork Loin
Chicken Marsala
Cheese Tortellini Alfredo
Fresh Vegetable Sauté
Saffron Rice
Roasted Red Potatoes
Green Garden Salad
Marinated Mushroom and Artichoke Salad

Cost is $15/person. Please complete and return the following by November 21st:

Number of people in your party:
Amount enclosed:

Please make checks payable SNC-CDS.

Mail to:
SNC-CDS - Holiday
PO BOX 2637
Carson City, Nevada 89702

Diane Kernodle

The Diane Kernodle clinic was a hit! The following is from Beth Curle (sorry Beth but this was so cute I had to include the whole thing…cant wait to see and hear it!)

The clinic was wonderfully fun and productive. After a session of trotting and cantering, I had two pieces of music that matched my pony and it was pleasant to listen too. The following morning, I went to a record store in search of a new release, stumbled past the "Show Tunes" section, thought "No, too corny" and then found myself purchasing two pieces of music. One that had my kids bouncing around singing in the back seat of my car yelling "Play it again, Mommy!" Demonstrating that my kids are as corny has their mother and hopefully my horse would be too.

I hid the CD in my pocket until everyone had left the FTM indoor and then sheepishly showed it to Diane. We listened to the piece I had selected, while I trotted around and Diane was smiling, telling me I had found a match. A very ethnic match for my very ethnic horse. Diane then selected two more ethnic pieces and we started to play with some of the choreography.

At the conclusion of the clinic, five club members had contracted with Diane to design freestyles for the 2006 show season. Diane will be coming to Reno to work with this sub-set of club members designing our freestyles over the next several months.

Championship Show at Rancho Murieta

The 2005 Championships are over and CDS already has results up on their site! Sierra Nevada Chapter was very well represented at this year's Championships and the competition was tough! If you're at all curious, check out the scores on the CDS site. They are quite high for all divisions.

The results (as best I could tally) are below: (HOY = Horse of the Year).

Seana Adamson and Fiorentino
USDF Open 4th Level - 7th
USDF Open Prix St. Georges - 15th
CDS HOY 4th Level - 7th
Joan Wright and Handicraft
USDF Intermediare I-Reserve Champion
USDF Intermediare I-Freestyle -6th
CDS HOY Intermediare I-Freestyle-7th
CDS HOY Intermediare I-5th
Susan Ward and Landitos
USDF Prix St. Georges - Reserve Champion
USDF Intermediare I - 5th
CDS HOY Prix St. Georges - 4th
CDS HOY Intermediare 1 - 3rd
Ann MaGee and Rembrandt
USDF 4th Level - Reserve Champion
CDS HOY 4th Level - Reserve Champion
Charlotte Jorst and Kalypso
USDF 4th Level - 3rd
USDF 3rd Level - Reserve Champion
CDS HOY 4th Level - 4th
CDS HOY 3rd Level - 5th
Charlotte Jorst and Asterios
USDF 2nd Level - Champion
USDF 3rd Level - 4th
CDS HOY 2nd Level - Reserve Champion
CDS HOY 3rd Level - 9th
Lorilyn Chitwood and Galando
CDS 4th Level Freestyle - 9th
Wendy Hays and Wild West
USDF 1st Level - 12th (out of 30 +)
CDS HOY 1st Level - 7th (out of 30+)
A/A Futurity (F1 & F3) - Reserve Champion
Troy Christensen and Casper the Friendly Horse
USDF JR/YR 2nd Level - Champion
CDS HOY 2nd Level OPEN - 10th
Michele Ting and Faramir
CDS HOY - 15th (out of 30+)

For all of us that rode under Seana's wing over the course of the show, we'd like to say a very sincere Thank You to her for all her efforts. Seana took extra time to school her students and watch rides (between her own rides) which was a monumental effort given that there were so many of us with so many different ride times. Thank you so much Seana for all your efforts! As Susan put it, "I thought her efforts to help us all were extraordinary, and the results of her students are a tribute to her efforts!"

Comstock Large Animal Hospital

Comstock has supported SNC throughout the years and with Dressage in the Sierra in particular. As you may or may not know, they have been building a new facility in the same location and their grand opening will be Sunday December 10th from 9am to 4pm. They will be having client education seminars and demonstrations and topics will include:

SELLER beware - Online scam on horse sales!

There is currently a scam going on in the world of horse sales that everyone should be aware of. We know, because it almost happened to someone in our family who has a horse for sale. She posted an ad online for her 6 month old colt. After a week she was contacted by email by someone from Great Britain. He stated that he wanted to buy the colt for his wife and have him shipped to the UK as soon as possible. He also stated that he would be sending a money order to her that would be double the amount of her asking price to cover the cost of shipping. Sound too good to be true? It was. Luckily, she researched this further…

Here's how the scam works:

Email addresses are harvested from horses (and other items) advertised on the web. The addresses are collected and thousands of emails go out to sellers in hopes of a few replies. Once they have contacted you and you have replied and "agreed" upon a sale - they don't typically try to negotiate on price - they send you a money order in excess of the amount of the sale with the difference to go towards shipping. They will tell you that "their" shipping company will be picking up the horse.

As soon as the money order is sent out to you, they put on the pressure for you to send the difference to their shipper because the money order will come back as fake as soon as a week. If you Western Union off the money, the check will come back as a fake and you will be responsible for the funds.....that's what makes this scam so ugly if you fall for it.

Things to watch out for:


Dressage Saddle for Sale
Passier Nicole's Grand Gilbert Deep Seat Model
17 in. Seat Regular Tree
Excellent Condition. Always covered and kept in house.
Asking $1200
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