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August 2005

August 2005
  • August 2nd and 3rd. Volker Bromman Clinic. Location: Equest Training Center. $130/ride. Contact: Victoria Cliff 775-849-0105
  • August 3rd. Chapter Meeting at 6:30pm. Location: Susan Wards House.
  • August 13th and 14th. Dressage in the Sierra. Location: Reno Livestock Events Center. Judge: Gary Rockwell "S", Marlene Schneider "S".
  • August 27 and 28. Christiane Noelting Clinic. Location: Franktown Meadows. Contact: Joan Wright (775) 882-9070.


The big show will be here before we know it and with so much to do and so little time left, we thought we'd get right to it.

Dressage in the Sierra will be at Reno Livestock Events Center Saturday and Sunday August 13th and 14th. We have two wonderful judges lined up for the show, Gary Rockwell "S" and Marlene Schneider "S". Show premiums were mailed out by Connie earlier this year so if you did not get one be sure to get in touch with our local show coordinator, Wendy Hayes at Wendy Hays to have one sent to you ASAP! Entries for the show must be RECEIVED by Connie by August 5th.

Please be aware that this show is managed by Connie Davenport. According to the show premium: Provisional ride times will be emailed (by Connie). The file she sends will contain all the ride times for the show. It is the obligation of the entrant to contact the show secretary at 530-265-0950 if times have not been received.

We still really need volunteers to help out with the show including scribes, paddock stewards, scorers, and runners as well as help with arena set up and take down. Please, volunteer if you have time! There are still plenty of spots to fill. If you would like to volunteer, you can contact Jennifer Smith, Wendy Hays or Steve Ting.

We are also still in need of sponsors for the show. This is our biggest show of the year as well as our most expensive. Please consider contributing - even the smallest amount helps!


If you are still trying to get qualifying scores for the Championship show, Dressage in the Sierra is the perfect opportunity to do so - and the last local show before the qualifying deadlines!

The Great American/ USDF Region 7 Championships and 38th Annual CDS Championships will be help at Murieta Equine Complex, Rancho Murieta, CA on October 12-16, 2005. Entries close and must be received by Friday September 9th, 2005.

Deadlines for Championships

September 14th, 2005 is officially the last day to qualify for the Great American/USDF Region 7 Championships. For CDS, the last day to qualify is August 28th. The closing date will remain as published in the prize list as September 9th. If you fail to qualify by September 12th, 2005 your entry will be returned as stated in the prize list. For more show information or to request a prize list, please contact Glenda McElroy at (818) 841 - 3554.

The Sierra Gold Championship Series

If you hadn't already noticed, on the inside cover of the show premium is information regarding the Sierra Gold Championship Series (SGCS) for 2005. If you are showing at Dressage in the Sierra, this applies to you!!

Awards for Open and Adult Amateurs will be decided by a drawing, held on Sunday, August 14th at Dressage in the Sierra. Eligibility will be through participation in:

Each class first place winner will receive three tickets, each class second place winner will receive two tickets and each class third place winner will receive one ticket.

Tickets from all of the shows will be included, but you MUST be entered in Dressage in the Sierra in order to participate in the drawing.

Prizes include:

Junior Championships

We've tried to find an up-to-date list of SNC juniors who have qualified for Junior Championships and who may be heading to the show. So far, we know of the following SNC Junior members who have qualified:

A huge congratulations to you and good luck from the chapter!!!

If we've missed you, please let us know right away and we'll add your name (and your horse, of course!) to the list.

Junior Clinic Wrap Up

The Junior clinic with Donna Richardson was a smashing success! Both the clinic and BBQ were well attended and participants thoroughly enjoyed this year's clinician. In addition to the clinic, Donna held a mini "how-to" during the BBQ demonstrating how to do European style braids. She also gave numerous tips on rider turn out for the show including boot shining and proper techniques for tying back hair. Some pictures from the clinic can be seen here.

Thank you letters from Junior Clinic participants

Dear SNC:

I would like to thank the SNC chapter for hosting the Donna Richardson Junior Clinic. It was a wonderful opportunity to work with someone very talented, helpful and dedicated, and who has acquired years of experience through competition including the Pan American games. It is important that we continue to host these kinds of functions because the juniors are the riders of the future and will continue to keep this sport alive. Thank you personally to Donna as I know myself and many other juniors look forward to working with her again.

Troy Christensen

Dear fellow SNC-CDS members,

I greatly appreciated the opportunity to ride with Judge Donna Richardson at the recent Jr. Clinic held at Equest Training Center. Despite the heat, Judge Richardson was very hands-on. She covered a lot of information and gave some valuable tips on riding leg yields, getting more jump in the canter, and riding the sitting trot. Additionally, she gave insight into what a judge would be looking for when a test is being ridden. She also gave very helpful hints on proper show turnout and braiding. The timing of the clinic was perfect for not only myself, but for the other chapter members that are fine-tuning everything for the upcoming Jr. Championships. Thank you for your support.

Ciara Viola and Mandarin

CDS Amateur Clinic - Review

Everyone should have received their copy of Dressage Letters for July 2005 by now. The highlights from the CDS Northern Amateur Clinic as well as many thank you letters and pictures are on the front and inside pages.

This past year, SNC sent Tamara Peterson and her horse Diezel to the CDS Northern Amateur Clinic with Rachel Saavedra. After reading all the thank you letters from the participants, including Tamara, it sounds like everyone had a wonderful time and learned a lot! Tamara and Diezel are stars by the way, you can see their picture at the top of page 4 in Dressage Letters!

In order to be selected, SNC members submit their name or nominate another SNC member to go. The board chooses the participant based upon chapter participation and volunteer time. The amateur can be a Junior. The next CDS Amateur clinic wont be until next spring.


We've added another clinic to the Calendar page of the web site in addition to the clinics already posted. Check out the calendar page for more details!

Sierra Feed and The Saddlery

If you've been to the web site recently, you may have noticed that we've added a new link "Sierra Feed-Our Sponsor"!

Ken Cliff, owner of Sierra Feed, has expanded and opened The Saddlery (formerly The English Shop). The Saddlery will carry all types of English and Western tack. If you need something for yourself or your horse, please contact Ken at The Saddlery at 853-6700.

Ken and Sierra Feed have sponsored and contributed greatly to our chapter over the years. Now we can show our thanks by supporting Sierra Feed and The Saddlery and giving them our business.

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Directors of information,
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