May 2004

May Events


We hope all is going well and everyone is enjoying the warm weather! Show season has finally started and our first show was a success! The weather was spectacular and such a nice change from last year's windy and cold show weather.

Being our first year as directors of communication, as well as our first year doing the web site, we have really learned a lot about what goes into putting on a horse show. The entire process starts with organizing meetings, figuring out dates and times, judges, prizes and locations... its really something! To see the end result, in a successful horse show, is very rewarding for everyone and we are thankful to have been part of the process.

We definately want to send out an enormous THANK YOU to Lou and Mary Anne Christensen for volunteering to manage the show and for doing such a wonderful job! Not only did they manage the show, they also organized the Junior Member Benefit Tack Sale! Thank you guys!

We would also like to thank all of the volunteers who gave up their time to help out at the show. The April show had 22 volunteers working to make things go smoothly - Thank you!

We thought we would make some attempt to take pictures of riders at the show to post on the web page to share with everyone. Unfortunately, with the two of us riding, our photo time was very limited and we were only able to take pictures of a few people. We created a page of "Show Photos" for the web page. In processing them to the page we accidentally made the thumbnails too small - SORRY! Hopefully, we'll get better at this as we go. We hope that in the future we will be able to continue to take photos at shows. Its a nice way to share the day with friends and family. If you have pictures you would like to add, please let us know and we would be happy to post them to the site as well. The results of the show are now posted to the website. Please let us know if you see any errors.

April Show notes from managers Lou and Mary Anne Christensen:

From management's perspective the April 25th show at Cloverleaf was a success. The myriad details which need to be addressed at a show were handled admirably by a large cast of helpers. As usual the club officers pitched in to help with show preparations and show operations. The efforts of Joan Wright, Susan Ward and Steve and Michele Ting were greatly appreciated. Club members also helped with the show. Serving as ring stewards, scorers and scribes, the efforts of Patricia McGee, Carolyn Graebner, Martina Thiel-Poblotzki and Maria Hickey were particularly noteworthy. Junior club members also helped as runners during the times they were not riding. A special thanks to Erica Ward who tirelessly spent the entire day helping as a scorer.

The coffers to support junior activities were bolstered by the addition of $476.00 from the tack sale and over $40.00 (net) from food and refreshment sales. Thanks to all who donated tack for the sale. A big thanks is also in order for the University of Nevada Equestrian Team members who provided staff for the sales tent and help in setting up and taking down the show. The young ladies and men of the team were doing community service and spreading the word about their team. Go team! - and thanks very much for the help! Various junior members also helped out in this venue between rides.

Ciara Viola riding Madarin, was our high point junior rider with a score of 66.25% at Training Level Test 3. Our amateur high point for the show was Kelsey Myles on Daphne with a score of 70% at First level Test 2. Congratulations Ciara and Kelsey! Also, a big thanks to Fit As A Fiddle for the high point award of a six week membership. If you think Kelsey and Daphne are good now, wait until after a few Fit As A Fiddle sessions!


As posted on the CDS Main website...

During the March 16th meeting, the USEF Executive Committee approved three Extraordinary Rule Change Proposals regarding the legal length of whips that may be carried in Recognized Dressage Competitions.

These rules become effective June 1, 2004.

These changes affect Article Numbers 320, 1920.5, and 1921.9: Effective June 1 of this year, only one whip, no longer than 43.3 inches (110 centimeters) including the lash, may be used in dressage classes and for warm-up. One standard longeing whip is permitted only when longeing.

These changes apply to all dressage test levels (Intro - Grand Prix) at Recognized Dressage Competitions.

Also note Article 1921 has been changed to prohibit the use of a whip in NAYRC qualifying classes. Previously you were allowed the use of a whip to qualify but not use it in the Championships. Again, this change is effective 06/01/2004.


NBC will televise the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event on Sunday May 2nd from 1:30PM-3:30PM EDT.

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Directors of information,
Steve and Michele Ting