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July 2004

July Events

Greetings members!

It's already July! Can you believe it? Just a few days ago (it seems) we were planning our show schedules for the year and here we are almost half way through. Where does the time go?!

This month, more than any other since we've started working on the web site and e-newsletters, we have seen a significant increase in member input regarding the chapter, shows, concerns, comments and contributions. We really appreciate everyone's input and hope it keeps coming! Last month we asked members to write to us regarding their experience with clinicians that have been coming to our area for sharing with the chapter. We received the following from Suzanne Edwards:
I just wanted to let you know that I also rode in the clinic with Pam Nelson and heartily agree with Joan W. that she was EXCELLENT! I board with John and Anne Stone in Gardnerville, and because Pam was staying at her brother's nearby, she was willing to come to our barn after she was finished at Cloverleaf. I think it would be great to get her back - whether for a show, clinic, or some type of "camp". I've spent a lot of money on clinicians, many who charge more than Pam, and I thought she was extremely helpful - just great!! Thank you Suzanne, for the input! We'd love to hear more member comments about clinicians coming to the area. Please send us an email and we will include your comments in the next newsletter.

Madeline Zook sent us an email regarding several threads she read on The Chronicle of the Horse web site. Never having been there, we decided to check it out. What a great site! Some of the threads are VERY thought provoking, if not controversial, some very humorous and others quite inspiring. Due to copyright laws we didn't feel we could copy any of the threads directly to our newsletter. So, instead we thought maybe we could open some discussion on a few of the more "interesting" topics. One of the topics that really stood out was about scoring. The gist of the discussion was as follows: Why do so few riders (especially at the lower levels) ever receive "9's" and "10's"? Are some judges overly stingy when it comes to scoring? Further, wouldn't higher scores, encourage more riders to move up?

Now, obviously if you didn't earn the score, that's one thing. But if you rode the absolute best Training or First level ride that you ever have and you receive "6's" and "7's" all the way through with comments like "lovely" and "well ridden", isn't there something wrong - with the system, that is? Additionally, a "9" or "10" score at Training level, should not mean that that is the score of a Grand Prix horse doing Training level but a Training level horse doing Training level at the absolute best of the ability of horse and rider.

Again, just some thoughts we found interesting. I honestly have to say that I have never received a "10" myself, nor do I know of anyone who has. I have gotten a few "9's" (which I now have framed on the wall) and I am ever hopeful of getting that elusive "10". If it happens, everyone just may get to see it in the newsletter. That's how exciting that would be!

If you have any thoughts on this or any other dressage-related topic, please let us know and we would be happy to post them in the next newsletter!

Just as a side note, we recently received a letter from CDS regarding a chapter that had posted copyrighted material on their chapter website without permission from the author. The author contacted the chapter and legal action was being considered. For this reason, we are attempting to be very cautious with what we post. Forgive our paranoia but it is definitely something we want to be careful about.

More member input:

There are many members who have been showing for years and pretty much have the system down. There are also many of us with questions who are still learning as we go, it's nice to hear other people's input and experiences. And maybe even glean some wisdom from our more experienced counter-parts.

Recently, we received an email from a member asking about the way ride times at a dressage show were scheduled and why tests didn't run in the order that they appeared on the show premium (more like they are for hunter/jumper shows or western shows). Unfortunately, we didn't really have a good answer for this other than that we haven't really ever seen tests scheduled and ridden as outlined on the premiums. We discussed this question with several more experienced members and this was the best rationale we found for why tests are scheduled the way they are.

The Hunter/Jumper world (and much of the rest of the show world) is very different from the dressage world in this regard. In some of these shows, entries can reach over 100 riders per class, meaning that you can have a 5 plus hour class. The order of go may or may not be posted in the morning leaving you to guess how long it will take the horses in front of you to go. At least in dressage you know within a small order of magnitude when you are going to ride.

Many of the dressage shows are scheduled with the advanced rides earlier in the day because it is cooler and the advanced horses have to work much harder than the lower level horses. So, it is fairer to the horses to schedule them earlier. The advanced riders are also very often volunteers. So letting them ride early frees them up to help in the afternoon.

Depending on the person, some competitors are happier to ride in the afternoon because they can wash, braid and clean tack in the morning instead of having to do it the evening before.

If you have a scheduling need the best advise is to contact the show manager ahead of time and discuss it with them. While it isn't possible to accommodate everyone, the show managers really do try their best to keep everyone happy.


Our next SNC chapter show is July 11th and will be held at Franktown Meadows. Entry forms and prize lists have been mailed and are available on the web site as well. Cindy Hoonhout (ph. 853-0302) and Karla Viola (ph. 853-2292) are co-managing the show and can be reached at their respective numbers if you have any questions or if you would like to volunteer. Help is always needed and appreciated!


We are pleased to announce special sponsorship for our junior rider program! Two local companies, Sierra Feed & Saddlery and Kleaning Connection, have offered to sponsor junior ribbons and awards for Training through Second Level at the two remaining chapter shows, July 11 and September 19. Show high point and year-end high point awards will be offered. Year-end award details will be forthcoming. If anyone is interested in participating in the sponsorship of the junior awards program please contact MaryAnn or Lou Christensen at (775) 972-5408.

The Donna Richardson clinic Monday July 12th has been cancelled.

Two new clinics have been added to the clinic calendar! Steve Kanikkeberg will be coming to Clover Leaf Equestrian (in the indoor) for clinics August 21st & 22nd and November 20th & 21st. Call Jennifer Smith at 345-1514 to reserve your spot. Cost is $110, including ring fee.

The Franktown Meadows June Classic show results have been posted. Thank you Barbara Boatman for getting the results (as well as the ride times) to us for posting! Links to the results can be found on the Show Info page on the website.

Dressage in the Sierra News:

The 2004 show season is in full swing and our big show will be upon us in no time. Dressage in the Sierra will be held Saturday August 14th and Sunday August 15th at the air-conditioned Reno Livestock Events Center in Reno. The show is USDF, USEF and CDS recognized and the chapter's biggest show of the season.

This year's show is extra special. Skagen Designs Ltd. has committed to be the major sponsor for Dressage in the Sierra and will be furnishing all prizes (class prizes including watches for first place and special prizes for high point awards)! SNC member and competitor, Charlotte Jorst, is the owner and designer of Skagen products. Thank you so much Charlotte for your generous contribution to the chapter!

As you may or may not know, there is a tremendous amount of preparation and planning that go into a show of this magnitude. Many volunteers are needed to make the show run smoothly. This year is no exception!

Positions that need filling include:

To volunteer, complete the postcard and return. If you have any questions please contact Wendy Hays at 267-5409 or by email: wendyhays@charter.net

Members will soon be receiving a letter in the mail regarding the Dressage in the Sierra show. Enclosed will be a postcard for members to complete and return. We really need volunteers to help out and hope to hear from everyone. Please consider volunteering~any time is better than no time! The volunteer sign up card is also available on-line.

Also in this mailing is a sponsorship form for Dressage in the Sierra. Sponsorships from chapter members, their families and friends, and local professionals and businesses are essential to maintaining the show's tradition of excellence.

Each sponsorship, from the smallest to the largest, is greatly appreciated. Please take a moment to look at the list of sponsorship opportunities and select the one that best meets your needs. Your support will be recognized in event materials, mailings, and the chapter newsletter, as well as at the show. Funds raised help us to attract top-notch competitors through prizes, cash awards, trophies and first-rate facilities, including the Reno Livestock Events Center. Please consider being a sponsor for this show. Sponsorship forms are also available on-line. Thank you for helping our organization ensure the success of Dressage in the Sierra.


Madeline Zook wrote to us about the East Bay Chapter show she and Rhapsody entered. "Rhapsody cleaned up at the East Bay Chapter show June 19th and 20th , making her debut at I1. She scored a 64 and 62% winning her PSG class at 65% on the first day! I supposedly am getting a write up in Riding Magazine, along with a cute insert on Herbert, our traveling cat." Congratulations Madeline, Rhapsody and Herbert on your scores and newfound fame!!


For Sale: 14 year old Dutch Warmblood Bay Gelding. Shown last year at Training level. $5,500.00. For more info call Dina Jones at (775)426-8311 cell; (775)425 5611 home; e-mail deana67@aol.com To view picture and get more information go to Dreamhorse.com Name: Honor, Location: Fallon

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Directors of information,
Steve and Michele Ting