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August 2004


We apologize for getting this newsletter out so late this month. There has been so much going on that its hard to keep up! There are only a few shows left, please check out the calendar for the remaining shows and clinics. The big show is only a week away! There is a page on the website dedicated to Dressage in the Sierra information. Please consider volunteering for the show, you may not feel like you are needed but the help is always needed and appreciated.

West Nile Virus has also made it to our area, more details are included within the newsletter.

Dressage in the Sierra Update:

Dressage in the Sierra will be held Saturday August 14th and Sunday August 15th at Reno Livestock Events Center in Reno. The show is USDF, USEF and CDS recognized and the chapter's biggest show of the season.

As you may or may not know, there is a tremendous amount of preparation and planning that go into a show of this magnitude. Many volunteers are needed to make the show run smoothly. This year is no exception! Please consider volunteering~any time is better than no time! A volunteer sign up card is available on-line.

Positions that still need filling include:

If you have any questions please contact Wendy Hays at 267-5409 or by email: wendyhays@charter.net

Competitors please be aware: The show (indoor) arenas will not be available to ride in until after 3pm Friday. We will be setting up the arenas Friday mid-morning. If you have time to help, please let us know! The more help we have, the faster we can get the arenas up and competitors riding! There are several other warm up arenas available on the grounds.

Junior Championships

The Junior Championships are coming up as well! Junior Championships will be held the same weekend as Dressage in the Sierra. We werent able to verify everyone who was going to Junior Championships. We do know the following riders qualified based on the CDS qualified riders page. We are very sorry if we have left anyone off the list. Please let us know if we are missing anyone!

  • Troy Christensen and Casper the Friendly Horse
  • Delany Chambers and RS Vicktory Bey+
  • Jacki Dunt and Diamond Rio
  • Courtney Scheidemann and Heritage Hall's Social Graces
  • Ciara Viola and Mandarin
  • Kathryn Cumming and Anaistacia
  • Kelsey Myles and Daphne
  • To those of you that go, we wish you the best of luck! To all of you, congratulations on achieving qualifying scores for 2004! That in itself is an achievement to be proud of!

    West Nile Update

    Unfortunatley, West Nile Virus has made it to Northern Nevada. In the last couple weeks there have been horses Fallon and Gardnerville diagnosed with West Nile Virus.

    West Nile Virus is spread by mosquito's that have fed on infected birds. It is not known if a mosquito that bites an infected horse will spread the virus.

    West Nile Virus infects the central nervous system and can cause the following symptoms: (It should be noted that not all horses infected with West Nile Virus will show symptoms.)

    Prevention includes mosquito control and vaccination. For the vaccine to be effective it must be given before the horse is infected with the virus. There are currently 2 vaccines available. Both vaccines require an initial series of 2 vaccines, 3-4 weeks apart, then annual or semi-annual boosters. Talk to your equine veterinarian to decide which vaccine your horse should get and how often your horse should be boostered.

    For more information on West Nile try these links:

    2005 Tentative Show Schedule Dates

    Listed below are the dates submitted to CDS for our 2005 show season. We are planning for all 2005 SNC shows to be 2-day shows so that all SNC members have the opportunity to show and entries wont have to be turned away. In addition, we are hoping to have all 'S' judges for the 2005 SNC show season.

    PLEASE keep in mind that more shows (ie: 2 day shows) will require more help from our members as well! If you haven't had the chance to volunteer to help out the club please consider doing so. There are still several upcoming shows and club events that we could use help with. Thanks!!!

    2005 Submitted Show Dates

    Fall Show News

    We are hoping to have another Junior Member Benefit Tack Sale along with one of fall shows. If you have any tack you would like to donate, please contact Lou or Mary Anne Christensen at 972-5408. More details to come!

    We still need a Show Manager for the September 19th show. Would you be willing to volunteer?


    For Sale: 14 year old Dutch Warmblood Bay Gelding. Shown last year at Training level. $5,500.00. For more info call Dina Jones at (775)426-8311 cell; (775)425 5611 home; e-mail deana67@aol.com To view picture and get more information go to Dreamhorse.com Name: Honor, Location: Fallon

    For Sale. Wintec Isabell w/Air Panels, 17" New Equisuede, Dressage saddle. Included: Med + Med-wide gullet + gauge. All included! $ 700. Call Ann 775-970-5505 (Reno)

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    Directors of information,
    Steve and Michele Ting