Meeting Minutes 2012

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No Meeting Minutes for January.


2/25/12 – Call to Order 5:30pm

Present : Hilari Flemming, Madora Daniels, Lesley Grove, Kerin Rowe Late: Emily Anderson

Absent: Hollie McGee, Viriginia Bayne, Kristen Roberson

April Show:

2013 Judges need to be contacted.

Treasurers Report:

Freestyle Clinic Update:

Price is set at $85 a ride. We need to find out availability of a Ipod compatible stereo. Need to contact clinician to find out how many riders we can have and what her accommodation preferences are. Her travel arrangements are made and she arrives Friday afternoon.


We are unable to organize the Dr Miller event so it is cancelled.

Year End Awards 2012:

Lesley discussed concerns that with only 2 shows it is difficult for people to qualify with the minimum 2 show requirement. Board discussion said we would look at it later in the year and see if we have enough people qualifying as it may not be an issue if we add an August CDS only show.

2013 Regionals

Annual CDS show may move to Sept to accommodate the national level championship show.

Nevada Horse Park is organizing a Hilda Gurney clinic. Information will follow.

Next Meeting: Wednesday March 14th


SNC-CDS Meeting March

3/14/12 – Present: Hilary Flemming, Madora Daniels, Emily Anderson, Kerin Rowe, Virginia Bayne, Lesley Grove

Absent: Holly McGee, Kristen Roberson

Motion to approve minutes from previous meeting Madora, Second Lesley – All in favor

Minutes from CDS Meeting presented by Hilari:

Spring Show


Lilo Fore has not yet responded re request to judge


Freestyle Clinic:

We may need a host location in Reno

Treasurers Report:

Tack Sale:

Possibly hold one at the July Show

September Show:

It was agreed we would host a CDS only one day September show


AA Clinic

Rider will be chosen at May meeting.


SNC Chapter Meeting 4/11/12

Present: Madora Daniel, Hilari Flemming, Lesley Grove, Holly McGee, Emilee Anderson, Kerin Rowe, Beth Curle, Cyd Curle

Approval of Minutes

Motion: Lesley Second: Kerin All in Favor

Re confirm show arrangements - food, transportation etc.

TD – is stuck in Arizona – can fly in for the show – too expensive so we are going to Rebecca who is available

Food truck at the show is not an option – nobody is willing to come for the small amount of people We will supply muffins.

Everyone has their own transportation – Judge may need a ride to the airport Sunday Kristen has volunteers organized.

Freestyle Clinic, How many riders, selections etc.

Riders currently: Hilari, Carolyn, Kathi? Emily, Cyd, Lesley, Madora

Any other clinics or other educational events

Mette is good but is expensive and there is a lot going on this year

What is it that the chapter needs at this time?

Is it more shows, education, clinics?

Should August/September show be a 3 star or 1 star?

Regional Championships are moved up in 2013. Qualifying will close earlier.

Treasurers report

Any interest so far in the Amateur Clinic

No interest at this time except for Lesley. Another final email will be sent and selection will be made at the next meeting.

Rachel Savdora is the clinician

Other shows, awards, judges

We have not had a response from Lilo so we need to continue to look for judges

Anything else

Close: 7:30pm


SNC-CDS Meeting

05/09/12 – Present: Hilary Flemming, Madora Daniels, Emily Anderson, Kerin Rowe, Holly McGee, Lesley Grove

Absent: Virginia Bayne, Kristen Roberson

Motion to approve minutes from previous meeting Holly, Second Madora – All in favor

Status of Freestyle Clinic

Minutes from CDS Meeting presented by Hilary:

Spring Show

TD submitted their corrections Letters need to be repainted Fence not marked Provide coffee and snacks Show made a profit of approximately $1,000

Treasurers Report:

Tack Sale:

Possibly hold one at the July Show


September Show:

IF Reno chapter is not doing an October show we would like to do an October. Otherwise it was agreed we would host a CDS only one day September show



We will organize a clinic with Peggy Klump – Kerin to contact Peggy

AA Clinic

Wendy Hayes was selected to attend the clinic

Year End Awards

Next Meeting: Chocolate Bar - June 13th


SNC Chapter Meeting - 6/20/12

Present: Hilari Flemming, Emilee Anderson, Holly McGee, Lesley Grove, Madora Daniels, Virginia Bayne, Kerin Rowe

Approve Minutes

Motion: Madora Second: Holly All in Favor

Recap Clinic

Lost $125 – travel and dinner a little higher than anticipated. A lot of positive feedback. Nearly everyone came away wanting to compete freestyle. Would be good to do every other year. Everyone enjoyed picking everyone elses music.

Educational Events

July Show

Treasurers Report

Our bank balance is $5,751. We have not yet paid for embroidery. $50 for junior clinic has been sent. $300 towards next years shows has been paid.

Tack Sale

One day only. Saturday. 20% for the club. Kristen may be able to help get a person. Bring your own saddle rack or put it on the pipe coral. Bring tack with the attached form. We should put criteria as to what we want brought. It needs to go to yahoo and the website. We can hang flyers at the feed stores. Take cash or checks and pay the participants later. Set the drop off and pick up times.

Year End Awards

Presented the San Diego year end system for review.

Junior Clinic

Stephanie Smithkamp is attending.

Qualifying Dates

Closing date is 8/26/2013.

Do we need a fall show? We usually make money on the CDS shows. We need dates. We can do the 20th or the 27th. We need to talk to Franktown. Hilari will call Barbara and check Reno show dates. We can check with David Smutchz and Melissa Cresswick. We can use Peggy Klump for DITS?

New Business

2013 shows are paid for. No judges are confirmed yet. Fiona can do April show TD. Can we have the same TD at show 2 years in a row?



Present: Virginia Bayne, Emilee Anderson, Madora Daniel, Holly McGee, Kerin Rowe, Hilari Flemming, Stacie Collier

Approve Minutes

Motion: Kerin Second: Madora All in favor

Treasures Report

There is $5,710.00 in the bank.

Dressage In The Sierras

October 2012 Show

Franktown Clinic

Temporary Food Permits

Holly looked up the requirements for SNC to have a temporary food permit to sell food at the shows. At this time, it does not look like this is a viable option at this point.

2013 Shows

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be August 8 at the Chocolate Bar at the Sierra Summit Shopping Mall.


Sierra Nevada Chapter Meeting 6:30 pm – August 8th 2012

In Attendance:, Lesley Grove, Hilari Flemming, , Kerin Rowe, Virginia Bayne, Call to Order 6:40. Quorum Present


Motion Hilari, Second Kerin Approved

October Show

Tack Sale

Kristens was successful. We do not have a lot of revenue. Do we try it during the show or do it separately. Where could we have it? Hilari to ask Vicki Cliff if we could hold it at her place.

Show Management 2013

We need to look at paying an outside person. Someone local would be ideal. We would pay $150 per day. Hilari to contact some possible people. Would it be possible to turn our 3 star shows into show in a box? Does not seem like a viable option as there are too many technical issues. We are comfortable to break even on an annual basis.

Next 3 star show will need the letters to be corrected at Franktown. Club will need to bring their own.


We currently have no program to recognize volunteers. We need more board members to keep the club successful.

Jocelyn Hamman

Motion Hilari, Second Kerin In favor $250 sponsorship for young horse championships

Treasurers Report

We have $7125. Profit this year is only around $1000.


Still needs to be done. Freestyle Clinic – recap – Lesley. Blurb on members at Championships. Tack Sale.

Year End Awards

Need to keep the prices down. Something you can use is nice. Boot bags, saddle pads, wraps (pri), exercise boots, stock ties, tote bags, riding shirts, combs, brushes New criteria prior to April show.

Meeting Closed 8pm

Next Meeting: Sept 12, 2012 - Location TBD


SNC Chapter Meeting – 9/12/12

Present: Hilari Flemming, Emilee Anderson, Holly McGee, Lesley Grove, Madora Daniels, Virginia Bayne, Kerin Rowe, Michele Ting, Jennifer Smith, Beth Coffee Curle

Approve Minutes

Motion: Kerin Second: Hilari All in Favor


Next Year:

Treasurers Report

Tack Sale

Board Members

CDS Minutes

New Business

Next Meeting: October 10th location to be determined


SNC October 2012 Board Meeting

Attending: Hilari Fleming, Kerin Rowe, Holly McGee, Susan Ward, Virginia Bayne, Emilee Anderson, Madora Daniel, Cyd Curle, Beth Curle, Faith Fessenden.

Minutes from prior meeting

Treasure Report

$6,637.21 balance in the bank

Fall Show Update

Next Year Show Update

Year-end Awards

Changes to Awards Program

News from CDS

The adult am clinic in 2013 wil be with Sabin Schut-Kery. The dates are TBD. Volunteering for the chapter is required to be eligible for the drawing.

RAAC 2013 - the north will be held at Woodside July 13-14.

The travel grant fee paid with the show fees is increasing to $3 per horse.

Next meeting will beheld Nov 14 at Beth Curle's home. This meeing will be in conjunction of a local artisans pre Christmas sale/party. The meeting will be at 6:00 and the sale/party will begin at 6:30.