Meeting Minutes 2010
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6:30 pm – January 12th, 2011

In Attendance: Amy Robinson, Holy McGee, Kerin Rowe, Hilari Fleming , Madora Daniel, Emilee Anderson, Lesley Grove, Joan Wright

Absent: Kristin Roberson

Call to Order 6:45

Quorum Present

Board Positions were nominated and decided as follows:

The first newsletter will be prepared by Joan Wright in May. A volunteer is requested to produce our second annual newsletter.

A judge is needed for DIS due to a scheduling conflict for our previous judge. A list of judges possible judges will be contacted to determine availability. Availability for 2012 will also be discussed.

Discussion occurred regarding the possibility of changing the October show from 1 to 3 stars. At this time the show will remain 1 star.

The current awards in storage were inventoried by Madora and Hilary. It was determined we have enough ribbons and awards for the April show. After the show we can determine if it is necessary to purchase additional supplies. Only having 3 tests in each level is likely to change the distribution of ribbons needed.

The new Treasurer presented a report of the current financial position indicating cash at bank is $3932. All financial records are up to date and in the hands of the new treasurer. We are in a similar financial position to this time last year and have less planned expenditures due to not needing to purchase a full supply of ribbons as was necessary last year.

Expenditures for the Omnibus next year will try to be kept below the “free” threshold.

Options are being considered for a new method of storage of the chapters assets potentially saving the chapter up to $1200 per year. More information of available options will be known by the February meeting.

Options include a smaller storage unit, utilizing storage at Franktown Meadows or storing the assets in a secured horse trailer that can be towed to the events as needed.

Discussion of possible clinicians and clinic formats for 2011 was held. The education committee has been tasked with reporting options for the 2011 clinic at the February meeting.

Discussion of a possible change in format of the chapters year end awards for 2012 occurred. This will continue to be discussed as new ideas are brought forward.

Rule changes at the USEF level are still in motion. The chapter will continue to monitor them and implement them as necessary at our shows. These include helmet rules and USEF membership requirements. These may affect the prize list for the April show. This prize list shall be published by March 1st.

Discussion of CDS regulation changes occurred and how they affect us locally.

Other new business includes hosting fund raising event such as a chapter tack sale.

An educational event to discuss the new 2011 tests is in planning for March 2011.

CA State Championships will be at Rancho Murrieta this year. Good Luck to all who plan to qualify and attend.

Thank you to Ken of Sierra Feed for supplying wine to our meeting attendees!

Please attend your chapter meetings and bring ideas to help shape the future of your chapter. Meetings are fun and informative.

Next meeting: February 9th, 6:30 pm Summit Mall………….end at 7:30pm.


6:30pm February 9, 2011

Present: Amy Robinson, Emillee Anderson, Kerin Rowe, Madora Daniel, Hilari Fleming, Staci Collier, Lesley Grove

Accepted: Minutes of Prior Meeting

Storage unit had been cleared out. Temporary Storage being utilized

Received $25 refund Cash in bank reported at $3871.17. Treasurers report presented….

All Board Members to sign code of conduct.

Discussion of 2011 Shows occurred.

Annual Meeting Report from Hilari


Other Chapters ideas:

AA clinic was drawn – Marcia first and Charlotte second.

Education committee:

Revamping year end awards and possibly not have it at Christmas? Actual awards instead of GC. Ribbons too.

Next Meeting: Looking at Sierra Gold


6:30pm - March 9, 2011

Present: Emilee Anderson, Holly McGee, Kristen Roberson, Hilari Fleming, Kerin Rowe, Madora Daniel

Minutes from the February 2011 meeting were approved.

Old Business

The Chapter is good with the prizes for the April show except for high point.

New high point prizes are discussed. Kristen will look to see what SNC can do through her tack shop.

Madora is to contact the ribbon vendor to see what it will cost to re-make the UNR ribbons we have in stock vs. buying new ribbons for high point.

Prize list has been approved by USDF and USEF.

Chapter volunteer bucks discussion is revisited and how they will be used. Ideas include:

Everyone seems to like the idea of making them chapter volunteer points instead and use them towards a drawing for a drawing at the end of the year. The points could be earned as follows:

Discussion started on how we could include pony club volunteers and non-club volunteers in the chapter points.

New Business

Kristen was asked if the pony club would like to provide food/snacks at the shows as a way for the pony club to raise funds. This will be revisited at future meetings.

Treasures report – We have $3,758.17 in the bank.

Discussion on providing a more comfortable environment in the judge’s stand. Kerin asked if she could purchase for the club two chairs, a new carpet and a better writing surface. This was approved.

Discussion of a debit card and it was decided that the show committee would have the most need for it. Madora is to arrange this with Bank of America.

Kerin reported that all contracts were signed for the April show. Angela Littlefield is the judge and Susan Lombardi is the TD. Emilee reported that she had vet, farrier and EMT agreements signed for all shows for 2011. Kerin also reported that all show officials along with Connie will be staying at the Silver Legacy. Thank you to Kerin for arranging this and having the rooms provided at no cost to SNC.

Kerin reported that 2012 show licenses are confirmed and Emilee reported that judges have been confirmed. Show dates are:

Hilari reported on the CDS minutes. Michelle Vaughan is Vice President with Peggy Klump as president. Memberships are up and the 2012 annual meeting will be held in Carmel.

The adult amateur clinic is to be reworked for 2012. Some of the changes being looked at are the level and condition of the riders, making the clinics for AA only (no jr/yr) and individual clubs can set their own criteria on selection for the clinic.

Holly discussed some education opportunities that she has been working on. Dr Miller of Comstock has agreed to do a lecture/Q&A session on dressage specific injuries. Holly is trying to set a date in May. Also, Denise Montagne will do a human/horse pilates presentation with audience participation on Saturday June 4, time still to be determined. Hilari has kindly offered her barn to hold the event.

Hilari pointed out that The Dressage Foundation has grants available to help with educational activities. One grant in particular is geared towards supporting education in freestyle.

Next meeting is to be held April 13 at 6:30.


6:30pm - April 13th, 2011

Present: Hilari Flemming, Madora Daniels, Lesley Grove, Kristen Roberson, Holly McGee, Kerin Rowe, Emilee Anderson, Donna B

Previous Minutes: Motion to approve: Madora.Second: Lesley.In Favor: All.

Old Business

CDS Minutes: - March Meeting

Show Update

Kerin - Report on the April show

Educational Events

Holly McGee – Dr Miller presentation clashes with Reno show so we will reschedule Dr Miller

July, August and September options are being examined

August appears to be the best option

4th June – 10-1pm – at Hilaris house – Dennis Montain doing Pilates for humans and horses

Awards Program Update

Year End Awards Program

Motion to approve: Kerin. Second: Madora. All in Favor: All

Open riders will no longer be restricted to riding their own horses

Motion to approve: Lesley. Second: Hilari. All in Favor: All

Show High Point Awards

High Point Ribbons

Wills stay as AA, Junior and Open

Motion to approve: Kerin. Second: Holly. All in Favor: All

Treasurers Report

Madora – $3,755.15 in the bank

New Business

Freestyle award from Dressage Foundation to support Freestyle Clinics – Lesley will contact clinician and apply for the award. We can rebuild Reno ribbons for DITS.

Next Meeting:

Wednesday May 11th Same location and time


6:30 pm – May 11, 2011

In Attendance: Holy McGee, Kerin Rowe, Madora Daniel, Emilee Anderson, Lesley Grove

Absent: Hilari Flemming, Kristen Roberson

Call to Order 6:45

Quorum Present

Show Recap


Treasurers Report

Year to date we are over $505.85 but it includes purchases of $266 for folding chairs and items for judges booth Cash in bank is $4001

Education Events

Other event has been set for Saturday August 20th. Save the date email to be sent. Details to follow. Non CDS Members will be invited for a fee.

Donation Requests


Madora thinks we have already made our donation to the junior show. Madora will double check. Motion to do same donation as prior year: Kerin. Second Holy. All in Favor.

Amateur Clinic

Motion to Donate: No – Kerin, Madora, Lesley, Emilee

New Business

Newsletter- We are waiting for Joan to complete it in May. Data should include upcoming events, show results, rerun Hilari’s article on helmets. Rerun Connies article about helmet rules. Club member accomplishments.

How many newsletters do we need to print? It will be distributed electronically.

Website should be more current. Trainer information should be resubmitted annually.

Possibility of 3 – 3 star shows or add another show back into the schedule

Next Meeting: June 8th, 2011 6:30 pm.


6:30 pm – June 8th, 2011

In Attendance: Holly McGee, Kerin Rowe, Madora Daniel, Lesley Grove, Hilari Flemming, Emilee Anderson

Absent: Kristen Roberson

Call to Order 6:40

Quorum Present

Approval of Minutes

Motion Holly, Second Madora, All in Favor – Minutes Approved

Treasurers Report

Show Committee

Education Events

The Pilates event was extremely fun. It was well supported. Next event is Dr Miller – August 20th. The time is to be determined. It will be open to non-CDS participants for a $10 fee.

EHV-1, Shows and Championships

Hilary sent a message to CDS Northern Director to discuss cancellation of shows, inability to change schedule, lack of funds to enter an additional event – suggested lowering number of judges necessary to qualify.CDS Meeting is at end of month and issues will be raised. Franktown Meadows is trying to reschedule their show to August. It is unknown at this time if it has been approved.

New Business

We need to organize a tack sale for the club. Possibly in September.

Meeting Closed 7:20 pm

Next Meeting: July 13th, 2011 6:30 pm


6:30 pm – July 13, 2011

In Attendance: Holy McGee, Kerin Rowe, Madora Daniel, Lesley Grove, Hilari Flemming, Emilee Anderson, Kristen Roberson

Call to Order 6:35

Quorum Present

Approval of Minutes

Clarified that the discussion for the August show was for 2012

Motion: Madora, Second Emilee, All in Favor – Minutes Approved

Show Update

Entries are a little light for the July show but not too bad. Carol's airfare was more expensive but she is staying with her friend and there is no accommodation cost. TD is driving. Travel and accommodation costs should be reasonable.

Scribes are covered. Volunteers are covered-runners, scoring etc. Managers are Madora half day mornings and Kerin half day afternoons.

A lot of different things have been ordered for high point awards.

There have been some changes on bit checking requirements.

Kerin is bringing the required food.


Treasurers Report

$3,925 in bank, no expenses since last show

2012 Shows

2013 judges need to be booked – Hilda Gurney, Lilo Fore, Jane Weatherwax and Debbie Rodriguez will be looked at. Clinic to be held in conjunction with the show if possible.

Any other suggestions for judges/clinicians will be entertained.

Tack Sale

We want to have on organized tack sale. The biggest issue is getting stuff picked up after the sale. We could do it in September. 20% commission will be charged.

We can check if Vicki Cliff would allow us to hold it at her place.

Options for donated locations can be explored.

Email addresses for other non dressage members will be provided by Kristen to include them. Pricing can be set from Ebay as needed. Lowest amount that will be taken should be noted and a log kept. Tags with owners name and description of item are needed. Tracking and accounting for the money is important at check out. Cash only will be preferred. Checks from known people will be ok.

New Business CDS annual meeting is at Rancho Murrieta in January and there will be a clinician.

Next Meeting: Meeting Closed 7:30 pm

Next Meeting: August 10th, 2011 6:30 pm


6:30 pm – August 10, 2011

In Attendance: Holy McGee, Kerin Rowe, Madora Daniel, Lesley Grove, Hilari Flemming

Call to Order 6:45

Quorum Present

Approval of Minutes

Madora motion to approve. Second Kerin. All in Favor.

Treasurers Report

Show costs are around $5500 - $5800 per show. Cash balance is $5970. We are about $1000 ahead of this time last year. Upcoming expenses October show and recognition fees for DITS.

Omnibus Page

You can take your page from last year and make amendments. We will try and downsize to 1 page.

Education Events

Dr Miller lecture will be cancelled. We should reschedule for October/November.

Freestyle clinician – we can obtain a sponsorship for $1000 for a freestyle clinic. We need to prepare a budget to submit to approve for the grant. We will contact Luna Tunes to get approximate budget.

We will hold it at Franktown if possible. Kerin will check on day fee.

Jocelyn Hamman’s Request for Sponsorship for Young Horse Championships We have supported previous riders at national/international levels. Club will sponsor for $250.

2012 Shows

We do not think we can get enough volunteers to run an August show.

2011 October Show

Does Connie submit entries to CDS.

Motion Kerin – Connie be engaged as show in the box. Second Madora. All in Favor. Shows will be at Franktown.

Junior Championships

Do we want to sponsor a specific event or class? We will try and sponsor 4th level at the 18 year old age group.

New Business

Next Meeting: Meeting Closed 7:30 pm

Next Meeting: September 14th




6:30 pm – October 12, 2011

In Attendance: Holy McGee, Kerin Rowe, Madora Daniel, Lesley Grove, Hilari Flemming, Emilee Anderson

Call to Order 6:40

Quorum Present

Approval of Minutes

Motion to approve Hilari. Second Kerin. All in Favor


If you are interested put your name into Holy via email by 8th. Discussion available at November meeting for anyone interested to find out duties.

Current board members willing to rerun are

Meeting requirement will be advised.


Judge Creeky is all set. Scribes are set. Emilee will contact Kristen to get scorers, runners and paddock stewards. Emilee can assist with volunteering.

Fees are paid for next years shows.

Treasurers Report

No activity from last report. $5,697.03 in the bank. No ribbons need to be purchased for the October show. We need to purchase awards.

Ribbon Count:

Education Events

There has been no feedback from the club to get a date to reschedule the Dr Miller education event. Early February is being looked at.

Year End Party

Party will be towards the end of the February so that we have the CDS plaques.

Award ideas: Quarter sheets, saddle pads, halter, hay bags, boot bags, bridle bags, stock pins, jackets.

Volunteer Bucks and prizes needed.


We need to email word documents to Michele and she will post them online. We need a fall and winter newsletter.

New Business

Meeting Closed 7:30 pm

Next Meeting: November 9th.


6:30 pm – November 9, 2011/p>

In Attendance: Holy McGee, Madora Daniel, Lesley Grove, Hilari Flemming, Emilee Anderson

Call to Order 6:30

Quorum Present

Approval of Minutes:  Motion to approve Holly. Second Madora. All in Favor



Show was profitable. Expenses were much lower as it was only a CDS show.

2012 Shows

Treasurers Report

We have $5994 including Halloween show. Expenses have been well managed.

Education Events

Holly will bring in Dr Miller next year and we will have the freestyle clinic.

Year End Party


Do we need another one by the end of the year?

Award standings

Party will be an awards party not a Halloween party.


New Business

Meeting Closed 8pm

Next Meeting: January 11th.


Sierra Nevada Chapter Meeting 6:30 pm – December 14th 2011

In Attendance: Holy McGee, Madora Daniel, Lesley Grove, Hilari Flemming, Emilee Anderson, Kerin Rowe, Virgina Bayne, Elizabeth Coffee Curle

Call to Order 6:40

Quorum Present


The following positions were elected to office by unanimous vote:

Freestyle Clinic

A donation of $600 from the Dancing Horse Foundation has been secured. A date change will be considered due to a clash with another clinic. Beth committed to doing a FEI Freestyle demonstration with Hazen.

CDS Year End

We need to prepare the awards banquet basket. Email and Facebook donation requests to be sent.

Treasurers Report

We have $5794.

Education Events

Holly will bring in Dr Miller in March. A weeknight is being considered as the most suitable option.

Year End Party

The date for the awards party will be tentatively set for the end of February. Location is being secured.


2012 Judges are all confirmed. Judges will be approached for the 2013 shows.

Next Meeting: Meeting Closed 8pm

Next Meeting: January 11th.